50 cent “The Manny [Pacquiao]-Floyd fight may have got more coverage, but this is going to be a better fight.”


Curtis Jackson james kirkland 50 CentCurtis Jackson aka 50 Cent was supposed to make a splash in the boxing game with Floyd Mayweather Jr. When the two split ways, he created SMS Promotions. Under his banner, he had the likes of James Kirkland, Andre Dirrell, Yuriorkis Gamboa, and Billy Dib. Among those, the only one who had had success is James Kirkland when he defeated Glen Tapia almost 18 months ago. Dirrell has since left, Gamboa lost to Crawford, and Dib has been on a losing streak.

This weekend James Kirkland has the chance to upset the card when he faces Canelo Alvarez in Houston. 50 cent thinks we might have a fight of the year contender on our hands.

“They usually don’t give you all of the footage of a world war,” The rapper/promoter told Brian Campbell of ESPN. “But you’re going to get a chance to see one when you tune in. You will get a chance to see one when you tune into this one. It will clearly be the best fight this year. This is one of those fights that people have been waiting for where the matchup really has that intense, competitive energy.

Kirkland has been off for so long that many feel it may affect him come Saturday. Jackson feels he took the lay off because the level of competition being offered was not there for him before.

“James was out longer than he had to be,” Jackson said. “I mean, he could have come back earlier and fought an easier opponent, but he didn’t really want to. He wanted this fight. He was wanting the big fight and was waiting to make this happen.”

Even more concerning to people is his disconnect with Ann Wolfe. Jackson says she may have done more harm than good to her fighters.

“The thing is, I actually like Ann Wolfe,” he said. “I think her style is completely different. No one is experiencing the same thing you are experiencing when you are working with her. From my observations, she hurts the fighter. Like, she trains them so hard, it hurts. And then they stop, and they just listen to what she’s saying. So when she is giving them direction from outside the ring, they just execute it the same way they did to stop the training from hurting.”

But one thing is for certain to Jackson is the action these two will bring will be better than last week’s fight.

“The Manny [Pacquiao]-Floyd fight may have got more coverage, but this is going to be a better fight.”