Ruben Guerrero on future: ‘We’re ready for anyone, but we want that (Garcia) rematch’


PBC Staples Centre, Jan 23 2016

Robert “the Ghost” Guerrero’s father and trainer, Ruben Guerrero says he and his son are ready for any fighter but warns of a rematch with Philadelphia’s Danny Garcia. He also feels that his sons stock has risen since his last fight.


Ruben gave some brief comments on the state of Robert’s career after suffering a unanimous defeat to Danny Garcia in his hometown just a little under a month ago. The bout unfolded with Guerrero having success early and applying effective pressure while landing cleanly.


However, it’s consistent fashion for Garcia to start slow and give opportunities for his opponents, wherein lies why many of his wins controversial. In this instance, that was not the case. Garcia stuck to the script and came on in the middle to late rounds timing Guerrero frequently enough to hesitate his attack. From then on, it was hard for Guerrero to remain competitive, especially in the later rounds which could’ve helped squeeze out a victory. Guerrero would lose 116-112 on all three judges.


In a video interview for FightHype, Ruben says that regardless of how the judges and most fans scored the fight, his son is “ready for anyone.”


“We’re waiting for the (Garcia) rematch, we deserve that rematch because it was a hell of a good fight. Everybody knows it. They said it was close, but I know we won it. That’s all I got to say.”


Reporters on hand seemed to question the reality of the rematch being able to take place and asked whether there were other fights on the horizon for his team.


“Everything is up in the air right now because everybody saw that (Garcia) fight and see my son has stock now. We’re pushing for that fight, if not we’ll move on…We’re gonna fight sometime in July”.


No venue, opponent, or date has been specified, but you have to consider just how much “stock” the Guerrero’s have on their side. “The Ghost” has now lost 3 of his last 5 fights, and while losses alone don’t necessarily shame a fighter, it would be more likely Robert’s next big fight would see him more or less in a position of testing young stars.