Terrence Crawford: Only Benavidez Worth Talking About Is David


    As the days go by the hatred between Terence Crawford and Jose Benavidez Jr seems to only get stronger. Benavidez continues to speak out more than Crawford and has stated that Crawford turned down a fight with him twice. Crawford has been reserved with what he has stated on different occasions but recently took a verbal jab to Benavidez via Twitter. In the jab Crawford stated that David Benavidez is the only one of the two brothers worth talking about.

    “[The] only Benavidez worth talking about is David. He [is] the only one [that] can fight. That’s it and I’m done talking about it.”

    Tensions arose between the two fighters at the weigh-in for Jose’s fight that took place this past Saturday. Jose was victorious in his comeback fight and stated that he wants a fight with Crawford who is slated to take on Australia’s Jeff Horn in April.

    Julio Garcia