A Look Ahead to the Upcoming Boxing Schedule


    0This year so far, has been a some what disappointing year of boxing. As I touched on my previous write up. The politics of the sport of boxing have unfortunately prevented us from getting many of the fights we were hoping to see come to fruition this year.

    Despite the fact that the first half of the year was nothing to write home about. We had a couple gems, like the Gamboa vs. Crawford, Mathysse vs. Molina, and Fonfara vs. Stevenson. Yeah you can say, “Gil, two of those fights were cherry picking gone wrong and the other a size mismatch.” and I would say you are right. However they were still very good, that is all that maters. If you missed any of these fights, do yourself a favor and check them out, they are certainly worth a watch.

    The good thing is that the year isn’t over yet. We have some possibly good, if nothing else very meaningful fights, on the horizon. The cold war is slowly but surely thawing out. That can only lead to bigger and better fights in the second half of the year. We already have a few good ones lined up for the fall.

    So far, we have Mayweather vs. Maidana, Hopkins vs. Kovalev and Steverne vs. Wilder all set for the second half. These are the three fights that I am looking forward to the most personally. Maidana gave Mayweather a legitimate challenge back in May. I think he will come in even more confident this time around and make it another good fight in the rematch. The undercard for this one is shaping up to be extremely horrible though, and there really is not much of a buzz for it yet. We shall see if the public interest in the fight actually starts building.

    Bernard Hopking is a bad ass and he has earned my respect and admiration. He should be rated much higher on the ATG lists than Mr. Floyd, Mayweather “TBE” will ever be. Mayweather is not even the best of his era, let lone the best ever. He has declined to fight the meaningful fights through out much of his career. If he doesn’t step it up the next few fights, he will regret it. Like De La Hoya regrets, running them last four rounds against Felix Trinided. But I digress. Fight Pacquiao and stop playing games Floyd!

    The man of the hour is Bernard Hopkins. Should he put the proverbial beats on Kovalev, he is top 10-15 ATG for me, hell he might even crack the coveted top 10 on some pundit’s lists. His accomplishments are far too many to mention in this article. Just being man enough to step in to the ring with Kovalev is commendable. He did it to other so called “killers” like Trinidad, Pavlik, Tarver, Pascal and Cloud. The odds makers might make Kovalev the favorite, once again making “The Alien” an underdog, a role he relishes. However the smart money will be on Hopkins that night in November. This one you can’t miss, if you are a true boxing head.

    As far as Steverne vs. Wilder, well on paper this is the best heavyweight title fight between two top American heavyweights in years. I am glad that fights are not fought on paper though. I can’t wait to see these two big boys, throwing down! This fight might even take place by the Nile River if Don King has his way. This matchup is very exciting I am definitely looking forward to it, you should too. I think this one ends early and brutally. It could go either way.