A Preliminary Look At Garcia-Matthysse


Let’s start with Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse.  He is pretty awesome right?  So, I will start with his perceived advantages over Danny Garcia, as he possibly heads into the biggest fight of his life.  The obvious place to start here is his seemingly incredible punching power! Alright, can somebody double check this dudes gloves, please?!?! Also can we have VADA testing here?? I am just saying.  Lucas has improved fight after fight. We have to acknowledge that he has gotten much, much, better since his two loses too Judah and Alexander.  But god damn he hits unbelievably hard, how and why? Is this natural, maybe but can we confirm please?

What I sense is that after his KO over Peterson, Golden Boy has kind of said, wait a minute Matthysse, has a greater upside than Garcia.  Let’s use Danny as a sacrificial lamb just like they did against Amir Khan.   So in my opinion Lucas gets the benefit of the doubt on the cards.  That did not work well for Golden Boy last time, as we all know. Maybe it will this time around, we will see!

This guy has improved by leaps and bounds since his losses to Zab and Devon.  I believe that the last style used against Peterson, is a dangerous way to approach a fight against a heavy puncher like Danny Garcia.  So I expect a slightly different Lucas when they fight.  One thing about Lucas is that he has a tendency to make you fight his fight, if I am Danny I am counter punching all day for 3-4 rounds.  But can Lucas force Danny to fight his fight? Open him up like he did Peterson, we will see!

The last thing I want to highlight is that Heavy left Hook, that Matthysse unveiled against Lamont.  WTF?  That Straight Right Hand is very bad news and now a Left Hook Too??!! DAMN! After seeing the fight once again tonight I can say that Lucas won the fight on one punch.  That first Right hand about 25-30 seconds before the 1st KD in round 2 ended that fight.  Lamont was stunned from that point forward.  The left hook KD was on his forehead, a finishing touch, he was dizzy already.  This dude is a monster no question, is he a machine though?? We will see!

So does the Machine have any weaknesses? Of course he does.  Are there any opportunities, for Danny to capitalize on?? Yes! For starters he is human not Machine, so let’s dead that right there.  He, like his flock of mesmerized fans, both are apparently believing, the HYPE!!  So over confidence may play huge factor here.  How many fighters have we seen fall due to falling in love with their power? The list is endless…Lucas if you hit Danny and he is still there?? What next??

Danny has way more big stage experience than Lucas.  Do not underestimate this factor, you freeze for one second under the big bright lights and it’s like bang, wake the f*ck up!  Or worse, get the f*ck up!! In my humble opinion, Danny has more experience against a greater variety of styles. Lastly, Lucas Matthysse’s has zero defensive ability, and that’s not good against the biggest puncher he has yet to face. Danny is also the bigger man and will come in 5-7 pounds heavier come fight night for sure, which should help him take a shot if caught.

A few of Danny’s advantages, I already covered. His big stage experience is a plus, also the fact that he has seen more styles and is the bigger dude.  To that we can add some intangibles that the average fight fan never really picks up on or cares for, because it’s not power or speed.  Danny has a keen ability to come out on top in the exchanges, more often than not.  To me is the more overall skilled fighter.  Garcia seems slightly more responsible defensively, in addition a tad faster than Lucas, although not by much.  Danny has shown the ability to adapt and bring a different fight plan to the table when necessary, can Lucas Matthysse do something different than try to steam roll you? We will see!

Danny is the World Champion. Lucas did not even pick up a belt in his last win.  At some point, in the not so distant past we used to say, to win a belt from a champ you have to take it decisively.  However in this case it seems like Lucas is the Golden Boy favorite, so he might get a close decision.

Here is the problem with Danny; He has a few huge weaknesses.  By huge, I mean they need to be corrected if he wants to give himself a real chance at winning this fight.  He is a notoriously slow starter, can’t do that against Matthysse.  You want a chance to win the fight then get Lucas’ respect in the very first round.  Let him know you mean business and that you can hurt him, this needs to happen before the second round in my opinion.  Danny is not a great boxer, but better than given credit for, you got to box Danny and counter.  He throws wide punches and can be very flat footed….this particular combination of flaws, is an easy way to get yourself sent to the ICU by a fighter like Lucas Matthysse. My biggest problem with Danny is his willingness to take a shot in order to give a shot.  My advice to Team Garcia do not do that against this guy, unless you are certain that you will land first, especially with that left hook exchange.

I hope it gets made and now that Floyd is fighting Canelo, it probably will get made.  That’s my two cents.  No pick from me just yet, just some food for thought!!  That’s my take, pick it apart as you please and hit me up with comments or questions.