AB: From About Billions to About Begging


    By: Julio

    Ten years ago Adrien Broner was one of the hottest prospects in boxing. He had skills and charisma while being touted as the next Floyd Mayweather Jr. but time revealed the truth and that truth was Marcos Maidana. 

    Prior to the Maidana fight, Broner proved to follow his nickname “The Problem” on several different occasions. He missed weight several times and his antics inside and outside of the ring proved to be too much but Maidana proved to solve the problem and gave Broner a reality check.

    Despite the loss, Broner could still draw a crowd and he went on to make millions. He made $2.5 million alone in his fight with Manny Pacquiao in early 2019. 

    Despite the fame and big money fights, financial problems have been a big issue for Broner. There have been numerous arrests and lawsuits with the latest arrest coming just over two weeks ago due to failure to pay an $800,000 lawsuit. At the time it was sId Broner had just over $13.

    If things haven’t hit rock bottom for Broner yet then he is pretty fucking close as he has now turned About Billions to About Begging with some of his latest posts on Instagram.

    “How do I make a OnlyFans? I have so many videos that the world would pay to see from me to all my brothas just acting a fool fuck that I only got $13 and I am in debt $800,000.” “Look everybody just CashApp me $13 so I ain’t got to make a Only Fans. My cashapp is $AboutBillions89 . What ever you can afford will be helpful my $13 ass need it and I will be grateful.”