On June 16th, 2017 Adam Braidwood and Tim Hague faced off in a heavyweight bout that sent shockwaves throughout the sports world when news broke the following day about Hague being transported to the hospital after the fight and being in a coma after having emergency brain surgery for a hemorrhage. There was hope that Hague would somehow manage to pull through, but he would pass away the next day (on father’s day) surrounded by his family while his favorite music played.

Since the news broke of the hospitalization of Hague, Braidwood remained silent. During that silence, many people began chastising him for not speaking out right away, but Braidwood had to gather himself, his emotions and the facts before he made a statement.

On June 19th, an emotional Braidwood opened up on social media and news organizations, and from when he began to speak he made it clear that the focus should be on Tim’s family.

“It’s not a good time for anyone involved,” Braidwood told CTV. “I want to keep the focus on Tim and his family and his son. They are the real victims here.”

There was plenty of trash talk before the fight, but that was all for the show to try and build the fight on short notice. There was no animosity between the two fighters, and Braidwood held Tim in high regard.

“He was a kind-hearted guy. I knew Tim personally, and he’d do anything for you. He’s a warrior until the end.”

In the heat of the moment, it may be hard for one to realize if there is any danger of a fighter being seriously hurt. That moment came when Braidwood saw how Hague fell. Braidwood celebrated his victory, but it was a short celebration as he dropped to his knees in the corner awaiting a sign from his opponent.

“(Tearfully) I knew. I knew in the ring [that he was hurt bad]. I saw the way he fell. Everyone talks about me celebrating, but I waited on my knees for Tim to move. I waited on my knees; he moved, I picked him up because his team was struggling to pick him up and I carried him to his corner, and I can see in his face (Braidwood was unable to continue speaking).”

During the fight, it was obvious that the fight was going in Braidwood’s direction but early on in the first round, and after the second knockdown you knew it was time for the fight to be called but Tim is a fighter, and he refused to give up, something Braidwood had hoped he would do.

“I was in the ring, and I’ll be honest with you, I was like it’s time to stop this fight. I was hoping Tim would stop it himself and if he doesn’t then we have to finish it until it’s done.”

The result of the fight is tragic on all sides. Many people will be affected by what transpired, and people are quick to point a finger, and there have been many fingers pointed at Braidwood but Hague’s family does not blame Braidwood, and they have since reached out to him.

“They reached out to me which meant everything to me. I didn’t really know what to do,” Bridrood continued. “They said it was not my fault.”