Adam Braidwood Hopes to Face Stan Surmacz Ahumada in June


    Julio Garcia

    In June of 2018, Adam Braidwood had the biggest fight of his career against Simon Keane. And was a fight that Braidwood had been calling for quite a long time but things did not go his way Indiana dove suffering a third round stoppage.

    Braidwood has not stepped foot in a ring to fight since that stoppage due to personal reasons but that does not mean he has taken his attention off of boxing. In fact, there is a fight that Braidwood is hoping can be made for KO Boxing’s upcoming event in June and he has his eyes set on Edmonton heavyweight Stan Surmacz Ahumada.

    “Yea I think I’ll fight Stan in June, hopefully,” Braidwood told Tha Boxing Voice in a discussion about KO Boxing’s latest fight card. “I’ve wanted to fight him for a while. He’s the last guy on the west [coast of Canada] I need to beat. Everything is about timing and I think Edmonton needs a big heavyweight bout packed with action.”

    An action-packed fight is what the fans need and in the heavyweight division it can be short and sweet or it can be long and dreary. Ahumada has been on both sides of those types of fights. One punch can change anything in the heavyweight division but every fight plan is different depending on who you are facing. Braidwood feels that Ahumada would try to outbox him even though sometimes pride can cause a fighter to trade more often.

    “[How the fight will go] really depends on him. Stan has a lot of skills and has the ability to stand and bang it out but I’d expect him to move and try to out box me.”

    With both fighters under the same promotional company it should not be hard to get the fight made. They have tried making the fight on one occasion but it seems more likely that if they want it they could possibly get it made for June.

    “We were trying to get it done for this show (on March 8th) but things didn’t workout. He’s ready and so am I.”