Adam Lopez is Making the Rounds.


    Adam LopezIf you haven’t been paying attention lately then you might not have noticed a young up-and-coming fighter by the name of Adam Lopez that has put together an extremely impressive KO/TKO package over the past few months. Lopez, who is signed to GH3 Promotions, will fight for the third time in three months this Friday on ESPN 2’s farewell edition of “Friday Night Fights” against Miguel Tamayo. Not to mention the fact that he’s fought on the untelevised portion of ShoBox and CBS Sports Net in his last two outings, Lopez is really making the rounds.

    Lopez (11-0, 6 KOs) has been as impressive as he has been active, riding a four-fight stoppage streak heading into Friday’s fight in Corona, California at the Omega Products International. His activeness will only continue if he is successful at leaving the fight unscathed. And that’s the point of his partnership with GH3, a promotional company that has come up very quickly over the past few months and has made ultimate strides.

    Hardcore boxing fans pride themselves on being in the know. They like to take credit for finding quality fighters outside the expected realm of blue-chip prospects. You see, it’s not enough to know about Jose Benavidez Jr. or Errol Spence at the start of their careers because they are the kind of fighters with a buzz and a radar before their first professional bout. No, for hardcore fight fans you need to be aware of the guys that don’t have all the luxuries associated with golden marketability, and instead find the diamonds in the unexplored terrains.

    Lopez is one of those potential diamonds.

    GH3 has some dates on CBS Sports Net and to give you an idea of how impressed they’ve been with Lopez, I’ll tell you a story. Last month, GH3 put on a show at the Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minnesota. The card showcased a fight between Dennis Hogan and Tyrone Brunson. Lopez was on this card, but he was never going to be televised, not even highlights.

    There were rumors going around from the Lopez camp that they might make the cut for the broadcast, but upon inquiries made by Tha Boxing Voice, those rumors were squashed. Everyone with direct knowledge of the television broadcast assured us that Lopez would not be shown.

    However, Lopez was shown in the form of a brief highlight reel in the space between the scheduled live fights. Lopez scored an impressive 2nd round TKO and earned the right to be highlighted by his highlight reel performance.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that Lopez’s stoppage forced the production truck’s hand, and of course things change when it comes to live broadcasts, especially in the sports category. My only point is that Lopez went out there and made people notice. He wouldn’t be denied, that’s the exact kind of quality that fighters like Manny Pacquiao and Gennady Golovkin have shown in order to up their own US. TV marketability.

    Relax, I’m not comparing Lopez to either of those fighters, I’m not comparing him to anyone because I don’t want to influence your first look at him. But, his impressive streak can’t be denied. He’s shown power in both hands, and he’s gotten a lot of attention from people that didn’t know anything about the California-born fighter turned Texas resident, at least not enough to want pay attention.

    Lopez is the kind of fighter that resonates with hardcore fans, but he has a style that can be marketed at the highest level. I’m sure there are flaws there, just like there are flaws with all young fighters – Lopez is 24 yrs.old, but he’s been putting guys away too fast to be specific.

    And speaking of resonating with hardcore fans that respect things done right in the sport, keep an eye on his promotional team GH3 because they are making all kinds of moves, and they treat their fighters well. A real, no hassle kind of outfit that runs on a real hustle first mentality.

    Lopez is excited about his future, and he can be confident because his promotional team is built on the idea of rewarding impressive outings and moving fighters at the pace that they’re learning. GH3’s leading man is Vito Mielnicki, a young promoter with the kind of drive and hunger that matches his stable of young fighters.

    “I feel really good about [staying busy]. My promoter GH3 has kept me really busy. They’re moving me along and stepping up my competition as I go along. Vito is phenomenal, GH3 is phenomenal. The fact that he’s young and hungry just like me, I mean we’re both out there to prove a point,” Lopez told Tha Boxing

    Lopez’s opponent is the Mexican-born Tamayo (16-12-2, 14 KOs) and he has been in with the likes of Diego De La Hoya and Gary Russell Jr. This is a good barometer test for Lopez, and even though I hate when others attempt to draw comparisons between fighters with similar opponents on their resume, it is logistical to at least gauge what a fighter does against a guy that has been in tough before with highly-regarded opposition.

    For Lopez, it is the next logical step.

    “It makes me feel good that they’re putting me up with the likes of [Miguel Tamayo]. He’s a good solid journeyman. He knows he isn’t going to be in there with someone that can’t punch.”

    Lopez, who fought most of his career close to his San Antonio home, has traveled as of late. Even though he would love to fight in Texas this year, Lopez wants to stay busy by any means, and that means traveling, which is good for him considering how well GH3 works with others.

    Hardcore fans, take notice and judge for yourself this Friday as we say goodbye to “Friday Night Fights” and hello to Adam Lopez.