Adrien Broner focused and changing his life, let’s hope he stays on course


By: Julio Garcia

Money and fame can turn you into something spectacular or into a monster. It could even make you appear as one thing but you’re the complete opposite.  Adrien Broner has been one of the flashiest guys in boxing within the last decade. He’s been out there throwing money everywhere and on several occasions making an ass of himself. 

Lately, things haven’t been the best for Broner. He has legal problems, says he only has $13 to his name, was overweight, and drinking heavily. Broner was also suffering from depression (not sure if diagnosed by a doctor or he realized it himself) and needed to make a change and that’s exactly what he’s done.

“Good Morning today I ran 6 miles in 54 minutes,” stated Broner in a Facebook post.  “Y’all it’s not hard to change your life I went from overweight 57 pounds waking up not even drinking water first and I take a shot of 1942 and start drinking for the rest of the day to waking up one day and telling myself I’m go change this shit and become what I know I can be and that is ‘One Of The Best Boxers EVER’ and I didn’t look back. Now I’m months in and liquor free and over 30 pounds down if you know me den you know I love to drink but I LOVE my family and money more!!!!! I was unhappy and depressed and now I’m not as happy as I want to be but I’m working towards my goals and dreams no matter how hard it may be. I will get there and I ain’t ask for a handout or help!!!! Sometimes you have to do things on your own and you will enjoy the results MORE I love y’all …..”

This could be a complete turnaround for Broner which is really needed as his path was full of chaos and destruction. It was easy for fans to root against him but now it may be time to root for him.