Adrien Broner on Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: ‘Mayweather Will Kick His Ass, He’ll Make Him Look Like a Fool out There’


    floydandabtodayAdrien “The Problem” Broner was once thought to be Floyd Mayweather Jr’s. predecessor to the pound for pound throne. The resemblance of the shoulder roll, and flamboyancy outside the ring along with the media hype had the general public convinced Broner was going to be the new dominant figure in the sport of boxing. The similarities between the two fighters are not all fortuitous. Broner sees Mayweather as a role model, and has emulated some of his tendencies inside and outside the ring, but with a bit of a flare of his own.

    One cannot blame the young fighter trying to follow a similar path as the best boxer and richest athlete in the world, but perhaps he underestimated how difficult the journey would be. Broner was definitely feeling a sense of invincibility until he suffered his first loss against Marcos Maidana, an opponent Mayweather defeated twice the following year. Broner was struck with a dose of reality, and now exhibits more of an apprehension of how difficult it is to reach the standards Mayweather has set.

    Broner’s appreciation towards Mayweather’s game, and the bond between the two has led him to declare Mayweather the best fighter in history from his point of view in an ESNEWS video. Obviously such debates will never come to rest, and there will never be a right answer, but an argument of who will win in a mega fight between Mayweather-Pacquiao is something that can be proven, at least in the year 2015. When Broner was asked who would win between either fighter, he confidently stated, “[Mayweather] will kick his ass. He’ll make him look like a fool out there.”