Alvarado Tabs Pacquiao To Beat Bradley, Sets Sight on Future Showdown


The eyes of the boxing world will be settled on Las Vegas when Manny Pacquiao tries to avenge a loss to Tim Bradley this Saturday. The plan by the promoter, Top Rank has been set in motion where the winner of that fight would fight the winner of the May 17th fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado. While Marquez has history with both men in the ring, Alvarado has no history with either even if he was in line to land a Pacquiao shot last year.

Certainly, Alvarado is a keen observer as he looks to bounce back from his loss with Provodnikov and win big fights and land even bigger fights.

“I was a little disappointed I didn’t get the Pacquiao fight after I beat Rios. Even after this little loss with Provodnikov, I still got a good pay day and now with Marquez.  The door is still open with Pacquiao because I think Pacquiao is going to beat Bradley and then we’ll get it on. I’m concentrated on this Marquez fight so I’m past not getting it, we’ll see,” Alvarado told

Alvarado sees a big money fight down the line but says he won’t make the same mistake looking past an opponent for another, especially one with the ability of Juan Manuel Marquez.

“I wasn’t even me in that fight, I already looked past Provodnikov. I wasn’t hungry at all. Now for redemption, it turns you into a different type of fighter especially knowing who I’m fighting next and who I could be fighting next. It would put me on a bigger scale, beating Marquez will get me there, and a loss will bring me back to square one,” stated Alvarado.

It’s no secret that Alvarado has distractions when training at home, so for this bout he will head west to be completely focused on the task at hand.

“I wanted to get away anyway. I was going to shoot to Houston to go with Juan Diaz but we’ll see how it goes. I’m already here in Cali but I’m definitely going to finish camp off at home. When I go back home, I like to get back to elevation right before the fight.”

A distraction that recently came up in the news was a dumped SUV recovered from a lake that was in the name of Mike Alvarado. Alvarado doesn’t deny that he purchased the vehicle but the vehicle was not purchased for him and says the reports are just out to give him a bad name.

“Its slander,” explained Alvarado. “That wasn’t me, I’m clean on that. Since I purchased the vehicle, they think it was me, they have nothing on me. So they just assumed and threw it out there like that, that’s slander for you. That’s the local star in town, so they make it big in news.”

If Alvarado can beat Marquez it will be big news. Then to Alvarado the chips will fall into place.

“Top Rank has been pretty good with me, been giving me some good money. I win this fight, I’ll take on the winner of Pacquiao-Bradley and that’s a nice payday. If Pacquiao win especially, I’ll call him out.”