Amanda Serrano heading back to MMA


    Julio Garcia

    Nothing in boxing is ever set in stone. One day you’re the hottest up-and-coming fighter  and the next day you are a gatekeeper. It’s important to jump on opportunities when they present themselves but promoters have other things in mind quite often.

    Amanda Serrano was signed on for a three-fight deal which included a fight with Ireland’s Katie Taylor. Recently, Serrano handily defeated Irish-American  and New York native Heather Hardy. Taylor was supposed to be next on the list for Serrano but it appears that will no longer be the case as Taylor is set to move up to 140 lbs.  leaving Serrano without a key fight and forcing her to head back to mixed martial arts.

    “I was to fight Katie Taylor [as part] of a 3 fight deal offered,” stated Serrano via Twitter. “She had the same deal but now she’s off to 140.  Our deal was we both fought 2 fights then we’d meet. She fought Volante & Persoon I fought Voraberger & Hardy. Now they switched on me & she’s going up so I’m off to MMA, SMH.”

    The fight falling through is definitely a heavy blow to women’s boxing wishes steadily been rising in the United States after being neglected for so long. hopefully a resolution could be made to where Serrano can get a big name in women’s boxing to square off against her and to continue pushing women’s boxing forward.