Amir Khan gets Conned? £11.4M Spent on Unfinished Wedding Hall


    By: Julio Garcia

    Money does not come easy for many fighters and for those who do not get endorsements outside the ring they literally fight for every penny they own.  For others, they get thrust into the spotlight, and if they succeed they’re able to make more money beyond their wildest dreams. 

    Amir Khan has been one of the biggest names in British boxing within the last 20 years.  He’s won multiple titles, beaten some of the best names in the sport and made millions of dollars in the process.  Despite what you may have to say about the guy, he is a success.

     Success comes at a price though. Once you are a name or have money, leeches tend to surround you and suck every ounce of blood from your body and drain you financially at the same time.  No matter what the profession is, musicians and athletes alike, the same thing happens over and over again and it appears that Khan may have fallen victim to a financial predator.

    “A wedding hall I’m building in Bolton since 2014,” stated a post from Khan’s verified Facebook page. “Till today it’s cost me £11.4 million and still not ready! I have no Paperwork where the money has been spent. No contracts for the building eg glass, roof, etc

    The project manager Ash (Ash&Sons) told my father who started the project, it was going to cost £3.2m. 

    The QS Phil Brassell ignores my calls, he took all his payments and still hasn’t given me any contracts which he promised! 

    The architect (Jahangir Arji) is paid over £300k, he designed the building beautifully but now has stopped answering my calls as he wants more money to continue but never visits the project. 

    I just have a building sat on Deane road, Bolton. It’s 60.000 sq ft with 24/7 security which I’m still paying for. 

    I really want to finish it off as I know its a beautiful building, creating 100’s of jobs for the community. 

    I need legal help how to get to the bottom of this, it’s one of the biggest problems I’ve ever had in my life. 

    My Accountant Adam&co (Salim Haji) also says he has no idea where the money has gone or been spent. Being a accountant, Im assuming he should have every penny spent tracked!

    I need answers.  If anyone can help, please.  I have a statement from back in 2017 the building wasn’t even watertight and it cost me £10.6m since then I got it watertight.”