Andre Berto Reacts To Fan Attacking Victor Ortiz

Andre Berto Victor OrtizBoxing is a cruel and unforgiving sport. One of the biggest sins a fighter can do is quit because they can no longer continue. Why is it a sin? Well, that is simple. Boxing fans are some of the most unforgiving fans in any sport and it takes a lot for a fighter to be forgiven.
Victor Ortiz had a bright future in boxing until he ran into Marcos Maidana in 2009. He put on a hell of a show in a losing effort. He was courageous but he knew that he could not continue for health reasons in that fight. Boxing fans would have given him some slack that night but the comments he made in the post-fight interview took away what slack he would get from fans and he was branded a quitter.
Two years later he was able to gain back the respect of boxing fans as he took on Andre Berto in the fight of the year. He put up a tough fight and took a lot of punishment. Ortiz ended up getting the victory and the respect of the boxing world until he took on Floyd Mayweather later that same year and everything that happened was deja vu for Ortiz and it continues to this day.
On April 30th, Ortiz looked for a shot at redemption not just for his reputation with boxing fans but to rejuvenate his career when he took on Andre Berto in a rematch of their fight of the year. Ortiz looked good and he even dropped Berto in the second round but Berto was the better fighter with a bigger will to win and dropped Ortiz twice in the fourth round and stopped him.
Since their first fight, there has been a lot of bad blood between the fighters but after last night that all seemed to be over. The fighters congratulated each other and showed great sportsmanship but the fans did not show Ortiz such love.
On the way back to the dressing room, Ortiz had a water cooler thrown at him from an angry fan and that same fan took a few swings at him and his team.
The incident came as a shock to Berto who took to social media to talk about what transpired. Berto couldn’t believe how the crowd turned on Ortiz and feels there is no place in boxing for that type of fan.

“Last night, I watched Victor Ortiz walk to the ring to nothing but cheers and exit to boos and things being thrown at his head,” stated Berto through social media. “There’s no place in the sport for that. I want to show love and respect to Victor Ortiz and all fighters. This sport is not a game and we put our lives on the line, not just for money but our love of the fans.”