Andy Ruiz Responds to Stephen A Smith


    Julio Garcia

    When the final bell rang on June 1st, Andy Ruiz was crowned the unified world heavyweight champion celebrations started instantly not just from Ruiz but from people all over the world, people saw what they believed to be a real-life Rocky moment. Ruiz was written off by many and seen as a huge underdog. To casual fans that knew next to nothing on him but he proved everyone that doubted him wrong and earned the respect of many people worldwide and made a lot of fans.

    While he made fans it did not take long for haters and naysayers to take to their keyboards and voice their opinions on Ruiz and speak on subjects which they know little to nothing about.

    ESPN’s Stephen A Smith suffered a tremendous amount of backlash for his comments towards Ruiz. While many fans reacted towards Smith with utter disgust Canelo spoke out against Smith’s comments. Canelo defended Ruiz and stated that Smith should not speak on subjects in which he lacks knowledge.

    Ruiz spoke out on the incident as well and he kept it classy.

    “Stephen A Smith I encourage you to do your research before insulting my career,” stated Ruiz via social media. “I know boxing isn’t your lane but if you are gonna talk about boxing please study and know what you are saying.”

    It will be interesting to see what Smith says about Ruiz’s words because Smith in classic keyboard warrior fashion stated that Canelo better not talk about him like he did in his tweet as if he was going to kick Canelo’s ass. Let’s see if the keyboard warrior comes out in Smith for Ruiz’s comments.