Andy Vences calls out Gabe Flores Jr.


    By: Julio Garcia

    In the song the Eye Of The Tiger it talks about the thrill of the fight but often times there’s more to it than just the thrill. There’s drama, anger and hate…when it’s authentic and not fabricated and there are many roots that lead there.

    Long ago Andy Vences trained under Gabe Flores Sr. The relationship worked  but time deteriorates all things in this world and a split happened. Since that split there have been verbal jabs coming from all directions with no possible end in sight…or so we thought.

    Vences has officially issued a challenge to Flores Jr. via social media and  a YouTube video.  In the video Vences basically states that he is willing to have all odds against him in order to make the fight happen including being the B-Side and fighting in Flores hometown. In his social media post he went into further detail.

    “This is the fight I want to have because they keep running their mouth saying that ‘I’m on a lower level’ than them….Ever since I left their stable they have been hating on me, talking shit about me, and disrespecting me. Step up and prove it because so far you both continue to run and cherry-pick each and every opponent you guys fight…..Flores Sr. & Jr. need to quit fake frontin’ and make this Northern California fight happen for the fans in the people and everybody in boxing demanding it! El Tiburon right here we ain’t ducking nobody!”