Angel Garcia Doesn’t Want Peterson On Any Of “That Juice Shit”


Angel GarciaAngel Garcia spoke with Nestor Gibbs of Tha Boxing Voice about Lamont Peterson’s chances against Danny Garcia in their Saturday night fight on PBC. Angel, as outspoken as he always has been said there was no chance at all… unless Peterson was on any performance enhancing drugs.

“I would never say that [Peterson] could beat Danny, never in my life, never. He could never beat Danny on his worse day. They can come prepared, as long as they ain’t on any of that Mickey Mouse shit, that juice shit, as long as you ain’t on that bullshit it’s gonna be alright.”

Angel is referring to Lamont Peterson testing positive for synthetic testosterone back in the lead up to his 2012 rematch with Amir Khan. Not only did Peterson test positive in the VADA test but, ironically it was Peterson himself that requested the testing in the first place.

“I don’t give a shit what kinda back injury he has. I don’t give a shit if it’s the President’s doctor proving the shit [is legal]… anytime you’re on some kinda substance and the doctor givin to you, he on drugs too!”

Here, Garcia is referring to Peterson’s defense that he was prescribed the synthetic testosterone for a legitimate medical condition but Garcia, along with myself remains skeptical of such things in a world where anyone with money can get a prescription from certain doctors. We will never know these answers, but since Peterson requested the test himself, let’s give him the benefit of a doubt.

Garcia also wants to avoid a situation like the one he experienced in the Garcia-Morales II in which Morales failed a drug test and the decision to call the fight off was left up to Danny Garcia’s team.

“We doing anti-doping, yes… but I don’t want it to happen like it happened with Morales cause nobody stepped up to stop the fight.”

Angel says the decision ultimately ended up being left up to Danny’s mother. Can you imagine if Peyton Manning failed a drug test and the NFL left it up to Tom Brady’s mother to decide how they should handle the situation? Boxing can be kind of baffling at times.

Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson meet on the Saturday prime-time edition of PBC on NBC.