Angel Garcia “He[Cotto] should fight him, They (HBO) got him (Golovkin) like a killer”


Angel GarciaAngel Garcia and Tha Boxing Voice have a history when it comes to Gennady Golovkin. In one of our first interviews with the trainer, Garcia mocked GGG with the infamous, “He’s a good boy.” Team Golovkin wasn’t too happy one bit. It’s been almost two years since the infamous interview. Garcia now says that Golovkin is doing what he’s supposed to do. The message he wanted to get across was for fans to respect the American fighter just like they did the overseas fighter.

“He’s doing his thing, I’m not hating on the man, but he still got to step it up with the big boys,” Angel Garcia told “It’s not his fault but like I said All American fighters can’t fight for shit but you got these guys coming over, and they’re all great fighters. They ran with that good boy shit and now they got good boy nation, I should get paid for that shit,” joked Angel Garcia.

Golovkin has been searching for Miguel Cotto ever since he dethroned Sergio Martinez last year. Garcia feels Cotto should fight him and actually gives Cotto a shot at winning.

“I think if you the best at 160, he should fight him,” stated Angel Garcia. “Thing is Triple G gets hit a lot. He ain’t got no defense. He’s basic, he comes forward. All you got to do is box him like Danny did Matthysse. You got to be in condition for 12 rounds. That’s the blue print. Cotto could do it but it’s up to his team. I don’t know how he train. If he’s the champ of the world, he should be able to. Then why train for 8 weeks. Cotto’s got to go in there believing he could win, if not he already lost.”

A lot of fans feel Cotto has no interest in fighting Golovkin and if he doesn’t fight Golovkin, it would be a stain on Cotto’s legacy. Angel Garcia disagrees.

“It doesn’t make him look bad because if its 55 million guaranteed, he’s not losing. At the end of the day it can’t always be about the glory, he has to take care of his family and kids. The fans do have a right too, but it’s not like Cotto just started fighting. He’s been fighting for 16 years already. He’s a master right now, he’s not getting his degree. He should go in and teach him. They (HBO) got him (Golovkin) like a killer.”