Angel Garcia on Ronda Rousey “She need a man like me, a real coach!”


Angel GarciaIt is no secret that in the world of mixed martial arts, fighters who have superb boxing skills usually reign supreme in the area of stand up and are able to dominate their opponents utilizing ring generalship and delivering knockout punches.


As you have probably heard, Ronda Rousey recently got dismantled by Holly Holm — a former three-division world champion in boxing — who used her boxing skills to embarrass the former undefeated and perceived unbeatable Rousey.


After a few weeks, Rousey seems to be in a funk wanting the rematch with Holm but knowing she has to give her body time to recover physically and mentally, and the fact that she needs an entirely new game plan, and maybe coaching staff, in order to defeat Holm.


One notable boxing trainer who has offered his assistance to Ronda is Angel Garcia, father of former 140-pound champ Danny Garcia who is set to face off against Robert Guerrero in a welterweight matchup on January 23rd. In an interview with FightHub, Angel was quoted saying “she need a man like me!…a real coach!”


It is difficult to tell whether Angel is serious about training Ronda or if he was simply saying it just to stir up the pot and get attention as he’s been known to do because let us not forget this is “Crazy” Angel Garcia we’re talking about and he has no filter.


Yet, for those who follow Rousey’s career closely then know this: her family has called out Ronda’s trainer and his staff before, citing they just simply don’t do a good enough job training Ronda. Those insults were made before the Holm fight, by the way, so maybe Ronda’s family had a point.


One thing is for certain, though, if Ronda is indeed fighting Holly Holm once again in her next fight then now would be the perfect time to make a change in trainers.


With that said, a boxing trainer as knowledgeable and skilled as Angel Garcia would be the perfect remedy for Ronda after she ate straight lefts all night and looked like a lost child in the octagon, chasing Holly around in Australia on that fateful night the world realized that Ronda was far from unbeatable, and much closer to flawed.