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Angel Garcia Talks, Danny Garcia Fights

Mario Mungia Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Featured No Comments
Angel Garcia Talks, Danny Garcia Fights

When it was announced that Ring Magazine’s junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia would fight Zab Judah Febuary 9th in Brooklyn, New York I felt that it was a decent matchup. However, at this point it wasn’t the matchup I thought I could really get up for considering the depth of the division and the potential fights that could be made with Garcia and other foes.

That changed this past Saturday when a brawl nearly broke out between Danny’s trainer/father Angel Garcia and Zab Judah. I guess it was to be expected, but the events that occurred were not foreseeable by at least this YouTube onlooker.

Thaboxingvoice’s Nestor Gibbs spoke with Golden Boy Promotions’ Richard Schafer emmidetly following the press conference and he seemed generally concerned about the events that took place only minutes before. Although Schafer seemed concerned, he, like the rest of us, appeared excited for the potential explosiveness this fight presents.

“It was one of the most violent press conferences I’ve seen and I was getting worried until Bernard Hopkins jumped in and saved the day. It’s going to be an explosive fight and both guys want it. I know Zab doesn’t want to lose in front of his hometown,” Schafer said.

You have to wonder if Angel Garcia’s ability to get into his son’s opponents’ heads is a weapon in the repertoire of Danny Garcia not seen in his past fight footage.

Schafer believes that the combination of Danny and Angel is a force to be reckoned with and that Angel knows as much about boxing as he does pushing other people’s button.

“Angel Garcia and Danny Garcia are the perfect tag team. Angel talks the talk and Danny walks the walk so together they’re a very difficult team to beat. Angel just has that thing to get under people’s skin.”

The press conference was interesting to say the least and I think you can consider it an experiment in boxing social behavior. With Danny’s ability to win fights in the ring and his Dad’s ability to win them outside of it, I think this team can be successful for years to come.


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