Angel Heredia Gives Dan Rafael An Ultimatum


    Angel Heredia is a controversial figure in not just boxing but sports as a whole. Heredia has gone on record to discuss doping in sports as he was once involved in such. He is not the only controversial figure in the sport with such a history. So is Victor Conte.

    Heredia and Conte have both been active in trying to clean up sports (even though at times they have feuded publicly) but there are still many out there that are skeptical. What we can do is take their word for it or not. There’s not really much you can do about it.

    Heredia has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for former world champions Juan Manuel Marquez and Jorge Arce. Some boxing fans have criticized the fighters for working with Heredia while praising other strength and conditioning coaches for working with other fighters and they as well have a checkered past. One of the fighters he has worked with recently is Jean Pascal.

    Pascal recently tested for three different steroids which eliminated him from being in the co-main event against Badou Jack on the Floyd Mayweather – Logan Paul undercard. Pascal released a statement saying he never knowingly took any form of steroid and has since fired his strength and conditioning coach.

    Dan Rafael recently posted about Heredia being fired by Pascal and brought up the trainer’s past which has not sat well with Heredia who wants Rafael to provide proof that he was working with Pascal during this camp. Rafael has been given until Sunday to come up with proof of what he has stated or he will be taken to court stated Heredia in a series of Tweets.

    “[Dan Rafael]get your facts right… no wonder why ESPN didn’t renew your contract, the lack of investigative work along your unprofessionalism ethics. Can you provide information of me being in Puerto Rico in [Jean Pascal’s] camp? I am sure you won’t you dumb fuck…”

    “I [have] been in Vegas all this time… but obviously your obsession with me its huge, but we got laws in America and I will make sure I use them correctly on you or anyone who assuming its bias & defamatory statements…”

    “Hey Dan Rafael you have until tomorrow to provide evidence of my presence in Pascal camp, I mean real evidence not your word of mouth information you piece of crap. I’ll be seeing you soon in court.”

    Heredia furthered his stance in his response to fans’ questions.

    “He will see his real future now. This freaking guy thinks he has the freedom to write anything and get away with defamation? I’ll make sure it changes now.”