Antonio Margarito contemplating comeback to boxing


    Antonio Margarito42 months after a one-sided beating in a rubber match against Miguel Cotto sent him into retirement, former two-division world champion Antonio Margarito is contemplating a return to boxing.

    Margarito was forced to retire due to an injury to his right eye, which was initially suffered after a brutal decision loss to Manny Pacquiao in 2010.

    Three days after the loss, Margarito underwent surgery on his fractured right orbital bone. The doctor even ordered the Mexican-American boxer to rest for two months without any contact.

    Also, Margarito needed a total of nine stitches; six in his right cheek and three in his right eyebrow to close cuts.

    Somehow, Margarito returned to the ring a year later, in a rematch with Miguel Cotto, who himself was looking to avenge a loss against Margarito, who many believe used loaded gloves during his strong 2007-2008 run.

    Prior to his January 2009 title defense against Shane Mosley, Naazim Richardson, Mosley’s trainer, questioned the amount of tape going directly on Margarito’s skin, and requested a rewrapping. During the rewrapping process, Richardson noticed a cushion was placed around Margarito’s knuckles. Then, things went haywire.

    Richardson, who was naturally looking out for his fighter, asked if he could feel the cushion. Margarito’s camp protested and, of course, the cushion was “brick hard,” according to Richardson.

    Long story short, they all got busted, Margarito was suspended for a year along with trainer Javier Capetillo, then was beaten to a pulp by Pacquiao and Cotto, respectively.

    Margarito told ESPN Deportes via, that his right eye is now 100%, and he could still theoretically make a comeback and be a threat at age 37.

    “I need to talk to my family,” Margarito said. “Yes, I have thought about it because my eye is one hundred percent, but I do have the urge and it needs to be discussed. I was surprised [at how good I’ve done in the gym] because I’ve been retired for so long.

    “[Middleweight and junior middleweight] are by far the most interesting divisions. Right now, I’m up to 175 pounds. I need to get down to 154 pounds or stay at 160 pounds. Obviously, I’d like to go against the elite, with anyone, Cotto, Canelo; those who say they are the best. I feel good in all aspects.”

    If Margarito decides to fight again, remains to be seen. If he’s a light-heavyweight now, that means he’s going to have to drop at least 15-20 pounds just to make weight. That’s not going to be easy to do for a man who’s been out of the ring for close to four years.

    In 2013, it was rumored Margarito was going to make a comeback after he and ex-wife Michelle went through a divorce.

    Michelle was impregnated by another man and Margarito eventually had a baby with girlfriend Lorena Vidales while the divorce settlement was still being finalized.