Arash Usmanee On Fighting In Canada, His Last 3 Fights


    On June 13th Arash Usmanee will make his long-awaited return to the ring in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It has been 3 years since he last fought in the country and 5 years since last fought in Edmonton (which is where his pro career began) and the excitement for his homecoming makes him want to put on a great show for his fans.

    “I’ve been fighting all over the world and it is good to bring it back home,” said Usmanee. “Some of my friends come to watch my fights but most of them can’t because of timing. It’s good to fight back at home for my family, friends and fans. I’m excited!”

    The recent journey back home has not been an easy one but has rather become one of controversy and let downs. Things have not gone his way and his last three fights but the outcome in 2 of those 3 were highly controversial. Could it have been bad luck or just the way business in the boxing world goes? According to Usmanee, questionable acts from others have set up a temporary roadblock of his dreams of becoming a world championbut the recognition that he has received and the lessons he has learned has paid off and he has made a name for himself so despite the setbacks,  it’s not all bad.

    “I don’t know what luck really is to be honest, especially in boxing. It’s definitely not luck. It’s the crook side of the business. Most of us getting involved just don’t know it. They find out the hard way like I have and I was fooled. I was pretty innocent and was being fooled with the people around me and I fell in just like fresh meat amongst a bunch of wolves. That’s just the way it is. It’s not luck. It’s the crook side of boxing but anytime you step in the ring is positive. It’s definitely helped me out. It put me out there, the last three fights I actually made a name for myself and two of them were on ESPN and the last one on HBO. They were big fights and they helped me out a lot. The outcome would have been better with a win and it would have put me right to the top but now I’m right there amongst the champions.”

    Usmanee last fought in April against Ray Beltran in the co-main event of the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley pay per view. Usmanee took the fight and made the move up in weight on short notice after Roman Martinez pulled out due to an illness and even though he lost the fight and was not fully prepared it was an opportunity that could not be passed by.

    “It was an opportunity. I wouldn’t want to go in the ring unprepared like that again but the opportunity was there and I had to take it. I was fighting a guy who in my opinion is a world champion at a higher weight and as a fighter when opportunity is given you have to jump on it.”

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