Arum Says Canelo Wasn’t Ready For Mayweather and Knew The Fight Wouldn’t Be Competitive

14 recently caught up with Bob Arum at the press conference to announce Roman “Rocky” Martinez’s WBO junior lightweight title defense against Miguel “Mikey” Garcia on November 9th at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

We spoke about Top Rank’s upcoming events, specifically the October 12th HBO PPV card headlined by Timothy Bradley Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez for Bradley’s WBO welterweight title. Even though the numbers solidify Mayweather-Canelo as a huge success, it can be argued that the matchup between Bradley and Marquez is the “real” mega-fight this year and it pits 2 of boxing’s “Pound for Pound” stars in a competitive 50/50 fight.

Arum reiterated those sentiments and believes that the HBO PPV is much more compelling than Mayweather-Canelo and offers fans more bang for their buck, at least as far as main events go. While Mayweather and Canelo are genuine stars with drawing power, Marquez-Bradley will provide a much more authentic big time PPV feel and it might not be Leonard-Hearns, but it will be more Leonard-Hearns than Mayweather-Canelo.

Arum gave last weekend’s PPV its just due, but recognized that it wasn’t the competitive fight that mega events have been known for in the past.

“The press has been screaming for years that they don’t want appearance fights, they want competitive fights and they’re right. People want competition and they don’t want preordained events.

“Now, last Saturday most people believed that Mayweather and Canelo was going to be competitive, but those people in the know knew it wasn’t and that Canelo wasn’t nearly ready to fight Mayweather,” Arum said.

Arum wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t being spiteful towards the event, but he feels as though members of the press let the fight’s hype get carried away.

“We couldn’t say it [wasn’t a competitive matchup] because people would say it’s sour grapes and they’re not involved in the promotion so they’re knocking the promotion, that would’ve been wrong. But where was the press not realizing that Canelo, other than his fight with Trout — who is an ordinary fighter — has never fought anybody,” Arum said.

Despite CJ Ross’ scorecard, everyone else recognized that Mayweather was as dominant as ever, although Canelo wasn’t completely ineffective. Arum acknowledged that Canelo is a talented fighter, but admitted that it was too early in Canelo’s career to expect him to be competitive.

“He just wasn’t ready and that’s not to say he couldn’t be a great fighter in the future and he would possibly be ready to fight somebody down the line, but he’s not a schooled fighter and therefore it was clearly going to be a non-competitive fight,” Arum said.

I hope that casual fans had fun watching the Mayweather-Canelo fight, but I pray that the casual fan takes notice come October 12th because that is the kind of main event that can turn a casual fan hardcore and make a non-fan take interest in the sport of boxing.


  1. bob arum is full of shit and im not gonna buy any ppv from him anymore…golden boy and showtime are taking boxing to another lvl..their comain event is equal to the main event of bob arum card. look at mayweather fights the undercard was mares vs de leon and its a full action fight then recently it was matthysse vs garcia two of the best 140 pounder co main event! bob arum choose zou shimming for pacquiao vs rios undercard zou who??? LOL!!! then for bradley vs jmm the undercard is salido (didnt he just brutalized by mikey garcia and now hes fighting orlando cruz these are garbage fights…AND AFTER RIGONDEAUX BEAT ONE OF THE BEST FIGHTER IN NONITO NOW ARUM IS PLANNING TO PIT HIM AGAINST VAZQUEZ JR DIDNT DONAIRE BEAT THIS GUY UP…AND SPEAKING OF DONAIRE HES GONNA FIGHT VIC DARCHINYAN FOR THE 2ND TIME DARCHINYAN IS OLD HE DOESNT HAVE TITLE BELT HE’S DONE IN BOXING AND NONITO K.O HIM AND NOW HES GONNA GO IN THERE AGAINST DONAIRE FOR THE 2ND TIME THIS FIGHTS ARE GARBAGE BOB ARUM IS FULL OF SHIT!

  2. @jm – you got it backwards, man. You pay to watch the main card. The main event should be the great fight, not the undercards although yes, they should be at least decent. The may-Canelo & may-Guerrero weren’t awful but they were hardly exciting either.

    Arum’s main cards are terrific. Pac-rios, jmm-Bradley & Alvarado-prov trounce any Floyd fight. Yes, their undercards aren’t great but they’re supposed to be just appetizers anyway.

    Btw why pick on salido? He’s always been on a good fight. So what if he lost. Ponce de Leon also lost to Gamboa. And again, he’s just the undercard.

  3. I believe that your right, but unfortunately Mayweather vs. Canelo is taking all the credit for the record number when the fight was not worth the 75 dollars they were charging, which I didn’t even pay and I will not pay to see Mayweather.

  4. Good job guys. I’ve seen your story get picked up by some other sites. Bob Arum is a snake…talking about Canelo not being ready. Never trust a guy who fed Joshua Clottey to Pacman and then put him in the witness protection program afterwards. He’s served so many tomato cans up to his big money fighters he should be ashamed of himself for pretending he cares.

  5. Also y’all need to call Maniac out for not being man enough to eat his crow on the Mayweather fight. If you predict a brutal knockout at least man up, call in, and take your medicine. Stop hating on Floyd, take your Canelo knee pads off and give the Legend his due.