Atlas: ‘The Thing That Makes Golovkin Good Is That He Can Box’


    Atlas_Teddy_bio“I like GGG, he’s going to knock him (Rubio) out,” Teddy Atlas told in regards to the October 18th fight taking place in Carson, California between Gennady Golovkin and Marco Antonio Rubio.

    While most people have fell in love with the power that Golovkin brings into the ring, Atlas is keen on his amateur background and he says Golovkin can box when needed.

    “The thing that makes Golovkin good is that he can box,” explained Atlas. “He fought a lot of amateur fights. He won a silver medal in the Olympics. That means before he even turned pro, he was one of the best fighters in the world. Yeah, they were 3 round fights but he was already fighting under pressure in certain circumstances fighting the best fights in the world. He’s been ready as a pro, more than most people. After 400 fights, Golovkin better be or go sell ice cream.”

    Atlas feels that a special thing about Golovkin is he knows how to use his power. It’s never always about power with Golovkin, but when available, it’s a great weapon.

    “He knows how to use his power. That’s the thing I like about Golovkin. Golovkin has power, he’s strong but he has a good approach. He knows how to put it together and he knows how to approach the styles in front of him. He knows how and he doesn’t depend only on the power. But to do the other things to make the power available when it’s available is special.”

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