Ava Knight Wants A Rematch With Ana Maria Torres


    Ava Knight is one of the best active female boxers today who is in search of a couple things before her career comes to a close. The first thing she would like to see change is the way women’s boxing is treated with a lack of recognition and TV time. The second item on her agenda is a rematch with the first fighter to ever beat Knight, Ana Maria Torres.

    “I want my rematch with Ana Maria Torres before I retire,” said Knight. “USA VS Mexico. Let’s make the two only female WBC Diamond Champions Collide. We will make boxing history and the fans should demand a televised fight in the US.”

    The two fighters first faced off in August of 2009 with Torres winning a unanimous decision.


    1. She should want a rematch with an active fighter such as Zamora-Silva who just defeated her. Asking for a rematch against a fighter who recently gave birth is a copout.

    2. Asking for a rematch with a fighter who recently gave birth is a copout. She should request a rematch with the fighter who just defeated her (Zamora-Silva). Until she rededicates herself to the sport and refrains from competing in bikini contests, the elite in boxing will have her number.