Badou Jack Gets Late Replacement For Jean Pascal


    News broke last week of Jean Pascal testing positive for three banned substances from VADA. Due to the failed test, Pascal was removed from the co-main event against Badou Jack on the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul undercard.

    Jack’s side stated that they were in search of a replacement and when it comes to short notice replacements you take what you can get or you don’t fight; don’t make any money at all.

    Undefeated super middleweight Devin Colina (15-0, 13 KO’s) of Venezuela will be looking to fill the void left by Pascal. While a brief glance at his record seems impressive Colina only has wins over two fighters with winning records. Those fighters, however, have only beaten opponents with losing records and anytime they stepped up to someone with a decent/winning record they have come up short.

    If Colina proves to be more than what we expect it will leave us with a few different possibilities: 1. Jack may be slipping 2. Jack trained for a completely different fighter so that is why he is off or 3. this guy could be the real deal but just has not gotten a chance to prove himself yet.

    Whatever happens will happen this weekend and hopefully we are left with little to no questions.