Bear or Bull on Nonito Donaire?


Buy low, sell high is the motto when buying and selling equity in the stock market. This past weekend ‘The Filipino Flash’ Nonito Donaire had to report has quaterly earnings to his investors, the boxing fans. When the reports came out in his fight against Simpiwe Vetyeka, many of his investors weren’t too pleased.

While Donaire won another world title, the fashion in which he won it has the public unsure if he’s in a bull or bear market. The referee Luis Pabon (who is one of the worst refs in the business) allegedly ruled the cut above Donaire’s left eye being caused by a head butt. Though he didn’t do it officially in the fight, when he consulted the WBA officials and the doctor ringside, the fight was stopped and went to the cards. The official ruling was a Donaire Technical Decision which meant Pabon did rule the cut being caused by a clash of heads.

Vetyeka did fight a little dirty and the fight was a little ugly to watch. But to Donaire’s credit, he put the pedal on the gas and tried to end the fight in the 3rd or 4th round because well, he didn’t know what the ruling was from Pabon on the cut above his eye.

Donaire dropped Vetyeka with his infamous left hook in the third round that gave him the extra point he needed if the fight was going to be stopped by a clash of heads as it was. As the fight was starting to heat up the 4th round ended and Pabon under the consultation of the ring doctor and WBA official started the 5th round, and then ended the fight. The fight went to the judges and the scores were read 49-46 which was later stated that the scores were actually 39-36 all in favor of Nonito Donaire.

It was a lackluster finish coupled with horrible officiating and frankly you felt like Vetyeka was jobbed. There were some videos out there where it looks like the cut could have been cut by a scrapping Vetyeka punch which meant if the fight was stopped it would have been a Vetyeka TKO. But the evidence is still unclear.

Donaire was given all the benefit of the doubt in the fight. Donaire would call time on his own, turn his back to the ref and got away with it. You’d have to ask yourself if Vetyeka was the one that was cut would he have been able to call timeout on his own? Would the fight have been stopped if Vetyeka was cut and more importantly if there was no knockdown and the fight was in doubt, would the fight have been stopped?

To Donaire’s credit, he did say he would grant Vetyeka a rematch and hopefully he does because he says he owes it to the fans and even apologized to the fans for his performance.

What’s the outlook on Donaire’s stock? Going by his past few performances it’s a downward trend and after Saturday’s performance, he’s still in the red. However, there were some things to take away from it. Donaire with blood gushing down his face fought on and landed one of those sensational left hooks. When urgent, Donaire flashed like he was the Filipino Flash. But again, he looked like a guy that trained himself and a guy that never perfected his craft as there are fundamental flaws that still exist and relies on his god given ability ala Roy Jones Jr. And it was almost as Donaire was like the 5th round is here, lets stop this fight and get out of here with a title.

The good news for Donaire is he will have plentiful of opportunities to make good on stock as Top Rank has an array of featherweights champions that include him, Evgeny Gradovich, Nicholas Walters (who looked the best in Macao), and possibly another title holder if Vasyl Lomachenko can defeat Gary Russell Jr. He has to rematch Vetyeka first and then he can put his name in the de facto featherweight tournament that Top Rank is rumored to be discussing. He will have plentiful of chances to prove his value in the near future. But if he was on Wall St. right now, the market would be bear on Nonito Donaire.