Berto: This is the healthiest I’ve been


Andre BertoNot much is being talked about in terms of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s last fight this September against Andre Berto. Maybe the selling point for Mayweather was that this is his last fight and should he win, he ends his Hall of Fame career at 49-0. Not many are buying that it’s his last fight but then again not many were buying his thoughts of fighting Andre Berto.

Berto is a massive underdog but has taken nothing to chance.

“I’ve been having a tremendous camp. I have a tremendous chef and nutritionist,” Berto told the media at his open workout. “I’ve been eating three, four times a day, taking in a lot of calories, taking in a lot of good proteins and carbs. I’m just putting the right things in my body, use everything as fuel. I’ve had the energy. [My] shoulders are good. It’s my first time in a while coming into a fight with no injuries. This is the healthiest I’ve been since I can remember.”

Though not many are giving him a chance, he feels that he will do the most with his opportunity to crack the Mayweather code, even if he doesn’t like the nickname.

“You can have your ‘MayVinci’ code, you can have your puzzle, you can have your Jumanji all you want,” Berto said. “We put in the work, we’re focused, [the] whole team is confident. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in probably in my life, and we got to [go] out there and do what I do. That’s it.”

Mayweather let the world finally see him spar at his open workout. It was an incredible session that had long rounds and not many breaks in between. Berto says he’s not watching that or All Access either.

“I’m not going to watch his sparring. Everybody is dialed in on what we have to do fight night. I don’t want to watch no sparring. I don’t want to watch him bowling. I don’t want to watch him with any of the broads. I don’t want to watch see him driving any of his little Tonka cars. None of that,” Berto said. “I just want to see him Sept. 12. That’s it.”

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