Bob Arum On Taylor and Crawford Options, Says ESPN Limits His Funding


    Last Saturday Josh Taylor had the biggest challenge of his career when he went to Las Vegas in enemy territory and became the undisputed 140 lb. champion of the world. It was a career-defining moment and the best is yet to come… but the question of what next always comes immediately after a fight.

    Jack Catterall is the mandatory to face Taylor so he may do that next and it would be a huge fight across the pond.

    Bob Arum may see an opportunity to make a fight with Terrence Crawford but not in the United States of course. Fans have wanted to see Crawford step in the ring against Shawn Porter but Arum says he is limited on funding from ESPN so a fight with Taylor in-house seems to make the most sense from his point of view.

    “We’ll look for whoever the best guy is to put him [Taylor],” stated Arum . “We could make a big fight (for Crawford) against (former welterweight champion Shawn) Porter, but who’s going to pay for it? There’s a limit to what I can get out of ESPN. And on pay per-view, I have no confidence that it’s going to do a big number. Crawford’s never done anything on pay per-view. Nothing against him. It is what it is.”

    Should Arum make a fight with Taylor and Crawford it seems like Crawford is going to get that B side treatment which is a shame.