TBV Border Wars was a boxing event held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the week of July15, 2017 that featured 12 novice fighters from across North America uniting for a chance to achieve glory.

During that week, we had the privilege to be sponsored by Mitsubishi and ride the elegant and powerful 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander, which embodied the same kind of elegance and power in that of the sport of boxing. When we landed at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and took the shuttle to the car lot, we were quite happy to see the size and look of the vehicle. The lustrous design of the car’s exterior was equally matched by the sophistication of the interior design.


Having such a large group of people, the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander was unquestionably perfect due to the spacious interior thus having three rows of seats that fit seven people comfortably. This allowed us to easily commute as a team to and from the gym, place of stay, etc. during that week. If we decided to drive around town with five people or less, putting down the back row seating created an enormous amount of space to be able pick up a variety of items.


In addition to the roomy interior-design, this car featured a user-friendly, high-tech touchscreen that was smart-phone and Bluetooth accessible. It made playing music, using maps, and making calls absolutely seamless. More so, it also had advanced rear-view cameras from a bird’s-eye view with a 360 degrees rotation along with sensors on all sides, making parallel parking and reversing almost autonomous! The side-view mirrors, floor ducts, and front seats were power heated -not that it was needed down in Florida. On the other hand, the censored wipers were a great touch as they would automatically turn on during the occasional rain showers. For a car of this size and the amount of features to make your commute easy and enjoyable, it was nice to find out that the Mitsubishi Outlander runs on a money-saving 27 mpg combination of city/highway mileage. With its stunning look and precision to detail, the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander can fit the needs of serving as a business car, luxury car, or even a family car.  TBV sends a many thanks to Mitsubishi!