Bradley vs. Pacquiao 2: Who Will Win and Why?

Joe Habeeb
By Joe Habeeb April 9, 2014 07:39

Bradley vs. Pacquiao 2: Who Will Win and Why?

We’ve heard so much lately about Manny Pacquiao going back to the old Pacquiao and regaining the killer instinct that he supposedly once had. Truth is in my opinion Pacquaio is still the same fighter that he has always been. Through age and wear and tear he may have lost a step or two but in terms of his style and approach in the ring, I believe nothing has changed.

Although I do give credit to Pacquiao for being a superb athlete who is very gifted with natural talent, I have always been a skeptic in regards to the technical aspects of his game. It has been hard for me not to notice his weaknesses. I have observed many times how frequently he walks right into rights hands throughout the course of a fight. He also leans in face first and reaches in when he throws his left hand. His attack is somewhat repetitive and predictable. Defensive wise he is not the hardest guy in the world to hit because he often squares up and puts himself off balance at times.

You could say that Pacquaio is like that pitcher that throws strictly fastballs. Although he has a very good fastball, that’s pretty much all that he has and if you are able to time his fastball then you pretty much have solved the Pacquaio puzzle.

Tim Bradley on the other hand is like that pitcher that throws curve balls, change ups, and sliders. You could call him that “junk” pitcher that keeps you guessing on what type of pitch is coming next. We’ve seen Bradley fight in so many different ways against a variety of top notch opponents. He has managed to show us so many different looks throughout his career. We’ve seen him slug it out with Ruslan Provodnikov and then box a very intelligent fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

In my opinion Bradley can do it all. I feel that he has more tools in the tool box than Pacquiao and that will be the difference when the two men square off this Saturday night.

I’ve seen Pacquaio run out of ideas in some of his fights where as I’ve seen Bradley constantly adapting in his fights and making the necessary adjustments. For that very reason I’m going to go with Tim Bradley by clear cut unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao. I strongly agree with Bradley when he said, “Manny if you don’t knock me out then you’re not going to win.” I feel the same exact way about this fight.

Joe Habeeb
By Joe Habeeb April 9, 2014 07:39
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  1. yafeu fullah April 9, 11:41

    Time the fastball and you’ve pretty much solve the pacquiao fastball? Sounds simple doesn’t it author? And yet only marquez has had luck with manny’s style. Also you mentioned his attacks are repetitive and predictable, although 90% of his opponents says he’s very fast and throws bunches in different/weird angles. How can he be predictable when you don’t know where the punches are coming? Try harder author. This article should be at

  2. Kojie April 9, 12:13

    Nah! Just go with your feeling. It’s your opinion. If Pacquiao is so predictable, how come your lovely bradley lost the first one. In life, as is in boxing, there will always be someone that will get the best of you, not all the time, but he/she will. That does not mean he/she is better than you, it’s just that he got you mind numb for some reason and you just can’t point out what exactly is that. Muhammad Ali vs. Norton. Norton ain’t that great but Ali seems to have no antidote for him. There are just people like that.

  3. BoxingFan April 9, 12:29

    I respect your opinion, but remember it it was Bradley who was
    outboxed by pacman in their first fight.
    Bradley couldn’t adjust so he resorted to
    running. I think Pacquiao is the most
    underrated “boxer” of all time. Name one
    who has outboxed him (Marquez will always be a
    match for pacquiao but he still was able
    to beat him twice. Morales, beat him
    the first time but pacquiao “adjusted” and crushed him the following fights). NO ONE!!

    Do you think he got all these championship
    (8 and different weight class) just by
    using speed and power? Think!!!

  4. Peter April 9, 13:29

    Maybe you mean “superb” rather than “suburb.” Could be spell check error.

  5. bernard April 9, 15:06

    it’s pretty much amusing how absolutely anyone could pass for a writer in this day and age 🙂

  6. doyz33 April 9, 16:10

    Hahaha nice 1 who ever write this…..its a nice joke!! Go back to watching baseball u dontnknow a thing about boxing..

  7. TONY April 9, 16:54

    Gosh, how did this article see the light of day?

  8. PACMANUSA April 9, 20:25

    Well then I’m sure Bradley will get struck out many many times by those fastballs !
    And with that being said it’ll be kinda hard for him to throw curveballs when he busy absorbing ALL THOSE fast balls .

    I hope Pacquaio decapitates this hoodrat wannabe boxer !

  9. Santana April 10, 20:58

    Manny Pacquiao will win because and order to beat a aggressive fast fighter like Manny you have to have some power and order to slow Manny down from pressing the attack and Tim lacks that power and Manny knows Bradley cant knock him out so I can see Manny getting a late round stoppage.

  10. Anonymous April 10, 21:17

    I Think it’s funny that everyone who commented on this article disagreed with the author. Get em’ Pacman!

  11. BoxingFan April 15, 13:05

    To the author, I think you owe it to your readers an after fight article. You have predicted the fight so poorly. I believe you are a knowledgeable boxing but you were way off on this one.

    Let me enumerate:

    You said, bradley has to much boxing skills (pitcher analogy) but “again” pacman outboxed him.
    you said, pacman doesnt know how to adjust, but pacman adjust magnificently on this fight because he easily saw what tim was trying to do. On the other hand, tim (who supposed to be the smarter boxer) kept repeating whats obviously was not working.

    Coming off from a brutal KO, nobody expected he’ll rise up and he did, he did by winning back a title. He proved everybody (hopkins, malinaggi, atlas and countless of haters) wrong once again. As i said previously, pacquiao is the most underrated boxer/technician in the boxing history. Lets just give this man his due credit and respect.

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