Brian Viloria Happy To Have A Part in The Mexican-Phillipines Rivalry


    There are many aspects of boxing that go unnoticed, it may not be as intentional as myself or anyone else would presume, but thankfully boxing’s hardcore’s can control some things for themselves — even if they always don’t get to. One of the worst aspects of boxing is when a fight that shouldn’t get picked up by a particular network does and vice versa. The vice versa is most upsetting because it’s usually the fights that only appeal to the hardcore’s and when they get turned down you have a hard time wrapping your brain around it. There are various excuses networks can have for turning down a fight that appeals to boxing fans, but it’s usually the commercial appeal or promoter issues or budget towards the end of the year. The absolute worst scenario for turning down a fight is when it has to do with the weight class of a fighter, particularly the flyweight division.

    It’s not that it’s gone completely unnoticed over the years, but it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves.

    There is an epic war brewing in the 112lb flyweight division which pits WBO champion Brian Viloria against WBA champ Hernan “Tyson” Marquez. This fight has all the makings of an action fight and should certainly be considered a “Fight of the Year” candidate. It takes place on November 17th live from the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California.

    The flyweight division has always produced some of the best fights in a calendar year and Viloria and Marquez have been responsible for some of those great bouts. In the last few years both men have competed in some of the best action fights, not only in the division, but boxing in general.

    I’d be willing to bet that if you’ve found yourself on and you’re reading this specific article then I’m probably preaching to the choir. In fact, you don’t get your boxing hardcore diploma until you’ve watched a certain amount of flyweight fights on YouTube. For the moment, I’ll pretend that the person reading this article searched for Pacquiao-Marquez and stumbled into this article on Viloria-Marquez. If that’s the case then do yourself a favor and heed my warning. If you miss this fight you will have deprived yourself from the true meaning of entertainment.

    The fight has found a home on a US network, that’s something we can all be thankful for. The Viloria-Marques fight will be televised on WealthTV. Viloria was a guest a few weeks ago on radio show; he spoke highly of this fight and the potential for excitement between he and Marquez.

    “This is a fight I’ve been looking forward to for a while, we both bring action and our styles complement each other for a potential action fight. I come forward and [Marquez] puts his punches together well and stays in the middle of the ring and those types of matches makes for great action,” Viloria said.

    The hope is that we can get to this fight without any more hiccups. The fight has been rescheduled 3 times already and the venue has been in questioned multiple times. But the fight is set and will hopefully not suffer anymore setbacks. Viloria just wants the best opponent possible so that the fight lives up to its bill. Even though Marquez has had some weight issues in the past, Viloria hopes he’s training properly.

    “He’s had weight trouble for the last few fights and he’s been known for not making weight. I hope he’s training hard.”

    It’s been hard on Viloria with all the setbacks this fight has encountered, but he has endured these circumstances before.

    “You don’t want to peak at the wrong time, I’ve been through it before. You try to get a concrete date so you can prepare yourself. Everyone is set for November 17th and so I’m going to get back into the grove of things.”

    At the time of the interview no TV rights had been finalized, though WealthTV was always a candidate to land the potentially dynamite fight. However, it could’ve very well been untelevised by an American outlet. Viloria has done the things necessary to become a fan favorite, but without the proper outlet he’s mostly unknown outside of the hardcore boxing fan community.

    “It’s frustrating for me to keep putting up performances and people not being able to see it. I wish everyone could’ve seen the Segura fight because that was an action packed fight. I think a lot of people are shortchanged, especially here in the US.

    “Talking to the networks, they don’t really like putting up fights below 115-118 and it’s really frustrating to me because I can’t force my body to grow that big that fast. All I can do is put up great fights and that’s the only control I have. As long as I put up action fights these networks can’t ignore it for long.”

    This fight will be part of what has become a very intriguing Mexico-Philippines rivalry. That adds an extra dynamic to an already interesting fight.

    “Big thanks to Manny Pacquiao and those guys for having this rivalry and putting steam on this. It’s great to be part of something like rivalries and what makes drama inside and outside of the boxing ring. It’s an honor to be part of this,” Viloria said.

    Tune in November 17th and you will be treated to the kind of fireworks only provided by the “little guys.”


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