Broner Calls Out Pacquiao, Marquez, Matthysse, and Maidana


    IFWT_Adrian-Broner-21Adrien “The Problem” Broner is not a character that shy’s away from the spotlight. He recently took to social media to state, “I want to fight Pacquiao, Marquez, Matthysse, and Maidana again. Matter of fact I want to fight Maidana first to get you out the way.”

    Broner along with many other AL Haymon fighters have been anxious to fight the top tier names in their respective division. Unfortunately many of the fighters have been disappointed in their lackluster matchups this year, given the potential upside that could have been sustained.

    Many boxing fans along with fighters would not mind to see more interesting matchups take place amongst the vast Haymon stable. Broner seems to be one of the most adamant about getting in the ring with a top tier opponent. The Emmanuel Taylor bout was a good fight, but he has eyes set on larger matches.

    Broner has been clear for quite some time he wants a rematch with Maidana. Whether Maidana would accept a rematch with Broner at this juncture of his career is uncertain.

    Perhaps Broner’s outspoken personality will convince Haymon to give Broner leeway in choosing the next opponent. As only a few months remain in the calendar year, it is likely Broner’s next bout will be early 2015. Whether he gets a fighter he truly wants to fight remains to be seen.