Broner Sees A More Focused Floyd Mayweather Than In The Past


Mayweather sat down with Adrien “The Problem” Broner a few short moments after he watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. train for his Saturday fight against Filipino superstar, Manny Pacquiao. Of course, as is always the case with these interviews, Broner was asked what he saw out of Floyd in his training session.

As expected, the amount of information that Broner was allowed to impart upon was minimal and wholey positive about his friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. but that is to be expected this late in a training camp. Mayweather never trains halfway, so friend or not, I’m sure anyone would confirm that he looks ready to go and that is exactly what Broner did.

“He lookin’ good, um he’s sharp and um he’s ready, he’s ready to go.”

Standard fare, but Broner was also hit with a follow-up question that allowed for a bit more interpretation from Broner. He was asked what he saw differently in Floyd Mayweather this time around from previous fights.

“I mean, I don’t know… outside the ring, maybe but you know uh, he’s focused. He’s very focused for this fight. It’s tunnel vision right now. You can look at him and tell that there’s only one thing on his mind.”

It’s interesting that Broner went “outside the ring” with his answer. With all of the supposed “going back to basics” training that Floyd has been doing, what Broner has noticed is a change outside of the ring in Floyd’s focus.

In a fight where the majority of the boxing world doesn’t hesitate to pick Floyd Mayweather Jr and his own team insists that Manny Pacquiao is an easy out, Floyd’s behavior throughout his training camp says that he respects what Manny Pacquiao brings to ring way more than anyone else seems to.

I have always had an unbelievably high respect for Floyd Mayweather’s work ethic and focus leading up to his fights. When Manny Pacquiao has been singing and dancing and being a congressman, Floyd has always been single-minded about his purpose in life. That has always reflected in Mayweather’s performances, all 47 of them. If he’s more focused now than he has ever been, Manny might be in a lot of trouble.