Broner stops Theophane and calls out Floyd, “He got to see me”


Adrien Broner-Floyd MayweatherAdrien Broner got his revenge over Floyd Mayweather Jr. by defeating the Mayweather Promotions fighter Ashley Theophane in the 9th round following an accumulation stoppage at the DC Armory in Washington, D.C. on SPIKE TV.


Broner looked comfortable from the start of the first round. He was depending on the speed discrepancy, which was apparent with every shot Broner traded with Theophane. Fighting out of the southpaw position, Theophane didn’t do much to make Broner seem uncomfortable.


The second round was better for Broner. It didn’t look much different in terms of approach, but Broner was definitely settling into his game. Theophane looked hurt after getting hit with a body shot, and he favored the area throughout the round.


Broner hurt Theophane in the 3rd round after Theophane had landed some pretty significant shots of his own. It was an overhand right followed by an uppercut. The punches didn’t seem to land flush at first, but Theophane certainly reacted to them.


The 4th round was the most significant round for Broner who used a combination of body shots and uppercuts. It was a typical Broner performance to that point and it was simply an overmatched fighter in Theophane getting caught with action coming straight forward. When drawing up the game plan, Theophane had to expect exactly what he was seeing, but he couldn’t do anything about it.


Theophane wasn’t far out of the fight even if he was being dominated just a bit. In fact, by the 6th round, Theophane was able to string together his offense for longer periods of time. Theophane had success in the first three rounds, but the key difference between those rounds and the 6th was Theophane was able to keep momentum, thus making more a case to win that specific round.


Things were starting to come to fruition as Broner picked his shots and they were all excellent shots.


In the 9th, Broner caught Theophane with an uppercut that wobbled him badly and he started to back up as he was in clear trouble. Broner pounced and, to the credit of Theophane, he never could knock his opponent down. However, the unanswered shots were starting to add up and the referee stopped the fight.


There was some talk that the stoppage was too quick, but Theophane was in trouble and Broner was all over him.


In the post-fight, Broner called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. by saying, “He got to see me.”


It was somewhat expected as Floyd and Adrien had been jawing all week and nearly the entire promotion.