Browne: Wilder ain’t shit; he has no chin whatsoever!


    Lucas BrowneUndefeated Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne responded to WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, stating ‘his chin is nothing whatsoever.’

    Browne released a video on his personal YouTube account while he was on his way to training – taunting his future adversary – also unbeaten in 34 fights with 33 knockouts.

    On June 15th, Browne spoke via World Boxing News about Wilder’s most recent performance against Eric Molina, a ninth-round KO for the American.

    “Eric Molina put up a better showing than most expected and I take my hat off to him for that, but let’s be honest, he was handpicked to make Wilder look good,” Browne said.

    “If I’d have hit Wilder with a hook like that one in the third, he wouldn’t have stayed on his feet. I think he’d probably still be asleep now.”

    I spoke with Wilder directly at the media tent outside the MGM Grand Garden Arena prior to Broner-Porter on June 20th, and Wilder said Browne would never beat him, let alone be a world champion.

    “Lucas Browne is just looking for an opportunity; he doesn’t believe in himself. No one that trains out of his own garage is going to beat me,” Wilder said.

    “All these guys that are talking are just trying to entertain. Lucas Browne will never beat me, and I hope he climbs into the ring to get that opportunity. That’s one of the things that will be personal for me. Lucas Browne might be my next opponent.”

    Lucas Browne shot back with fire of his own.

    “I want to talk about Mr. Deontay Wilder. The guy’s a WBC champ – well done, congratulations; you’ve got a well-padded record. Your management and your promotion team have done really well, but you ain’t shit,” Browne said.

    “You’ve got some power, don’t get me wrong. You’re a tall, skinny bastard with chicken legs. That’s unreal, and you’ve got some mad power. But, your chin is nothing whatsoever.

    “I’m not saying I’m the best boxer in the world by any rate. I understand this. I know what I am, and I don’t try to sugarcoat it for the rest of the world. I hit like a mule and I know for a fact that if I hit you on the chin, you’re going to sleep.

    “I’ve got a good chin and I can take your shots all day. Your left hook, your straight right. That’s all you’ve got – over and over again. I’ll take it. Then I’ll punish the body, then I’ll take your head off your shoulders.

    “Let’s do it. The boy from Australia who wants to make his mark on the world. Of course, I want the opportunity and of course I want the payday. What idiot wouldn’t want those two things?

    “I’m 36 years old. I know I can knock you out. Let’s see if you’ve got the balls to bring it.”

    While we expected Wilder to come back with a long video if his own, he resorted to a very short tweet.

    “I would respond if I could understand you.”

    Browne, who is managed by Matt Clark, wants his fighter to face the winner of Ruslan Chagaev-Francesco Pianeta for the WBA World heavyweight title in July.

    Browne is the mandatory challenger to the title, but both men have been knocked out by Wladimir Klitschko in the past. It’ll be interesting to see which fork Browne will take.