Brownsville came to fight this weekend, but it wasn’t Daniel Jacobs


    By: Julio Garcia

    There were 2 boxing cards (among others) on this weekend that fans anticipated highly and both featured Brownsville natives. The first one was a card on Friday between Daniel Jacobs and Gabriel Rosado while the other took place on Saturday between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

    The Jacobs fight with Rosado may have been the most anticipated bout of the weekend. It was expected to be action-packed as there was a tremendous amount of heat between the two. The fight itself turned out to be a dud and many had Rosado winning. Jacobs had one of the most uneventful performances in his career aside from the Pirog fight. His lack of effort to win was a true disappointment and the end result of the fight turned out to be an even bigger disappointment as Jacobs was declared the victor (somewhat by the ring announcer).

    The Tyson-Jones exhibition bout was viewed by many as the least entertaining fight to take place. Both fighters are past their prime and in their fifties and with the often-changing rules expectations were low. This fight exceeded expectations and was far more entertaining than Jacobs-Rosado. In fact, George Foreman said it was the best exhibition he’d ever seen. A draw ended up being the final outcome but many would agree that Tyson was the clear victor. 

    Two fighters from the same neighborhood fought this weekend but only one really showed the want to fight. A 54-year-old Tyson entered the ring with a purpose. The saying about Brownsville is never running, never will but Jacobs could have learned from Tyson and put up a better effort.