Caleb Plant Delusional In Demands For Bigger Money To Fight Canelo


    We are t a week removed from Canelo-Saunders and the boxing world is still buzzing. Out of all the different subjects that come from that fight the most important one is what’s next for Canelo? If Canelo gets his way Caleb Plant will be next. 

    Plant holds the last key to being undisputed at 168 lbs, and a fight with Canelo would be the biggest, most lucrative fight of his career (not bad for an ass-whoopin’). 

    There are several red flags already that can prevent this fight from being made such as promoters, networks, ring sizes, etc. The biggest obstacle that we are most likely going to see is the fight purse. Plant stated that Eddie Hearn shortchanged his own fighters (Smith, Saunders) when facing Canelo and he wouldn’t settle for that type of money. 

    Not sure what Plant feels he is worth in this matchup. He is not the A-side. How many fans will he bring to the event? Some fighters are great but can’t sell tickets worth a shit aside from their hometown. To put it simply he’s not putting asses in seats. Boxing is also a sport of what have you done for me lately and lately plant hasn’t done shit to warrant the funds he expects. He couldn’t put away Caleb Truax, who many view as a C-level fighter. It looked like it was going to happen but it didn’t. Yeah, you won every round but that’s what you were supposed to do. There was nothing impressive about it.

    Plant is out of his mind if he’s going to be demanding outrageous money unless he plans on using it to pay his medical bills afterward. If the offer is not what he wants he says there are other fights that can be made with PBC fighters, so then why weren’t those fights made in the past in place of Truax? Had he fought and beaten someone like David Benavidez (which I don’t see happening either) then your claim for more money is valid. Take a lesson from Floyd Mayweather’s playbook: beat the cash cow and then you become the cash cow. Once you’re the cash cow you can make money as long as you keep fighting and keep winning against top competition not against C-level fighters.