Caleb Plant Hypocritical In Social Media Post About Money For Canelo Fight


    “Profit is sweet, even if it comes from deception.” – Sophocles

    Earlier this year we got one step closer to having an undisputed champion in the super middleweight division when Canelo and Billy Joe Saunders fought in a title unification bout which had three legitimate titles on the line. Canelo won that fight by severely damaging Saunders orbital bone with multiple fractures and for that Canelo took home all three titles. After the fight Canelo stated that he wanted Caleb Plant in order to collect the only remaining belt in the division and to become undisputed.

    It provides a great opportunity for both fighters. For Canelo it’s a chance to make history. For Plant it would be the biggest fight of his career, the biggest challenge of his career and the biggest payday of his career.

    Red flags were shown immediately when one of the first things Plant said was he will not fight Canelo for the same money Saunders did ($8 Million). Fast forward to the fight falling apart and Plant states that it’s not about the money.

    “Boxing’s never been about money for me and that’s why they can’t understand it,” stated Plant via social media. “It’s never been my driving force and it’s not my ‘WHY’ and that’s why it’s so easy to be just as disciplined and hungry even after being a 7 figure fighter (remember the internet says the earth is flat too lol)… because that’s not what I’m after and that’s not what keeps me going and you wish your favorite fighter felt the same way.”

    If it’s not about the money then why was that an issue immediately after being called out by Canelo? Why would you want $10 million and then turn around to say it does not motivate you? If money does not motivate you then fight for free. Fight a live challenge and not fighters below your level. The Angel Garcia theory on fighting many Rod Salka’s where you take less risk and collect good pay for it is not what a champion does. Maybe you tried to make the fight happen and money was not an issue but you sure as fuck made it seem like that before negotiations even took place and right now seems very hypocritical.