Call Notes: De La Hoya “No Comments” on Guerrero’s Contract With Golden Boy as Guerrero and Kamegai Ready For Battle


    Easton, PA (Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 ) This Saturday, in Carson, California, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero ( 31-2-1, 18 KOs ) will be making his return to the squared circle when he takes on Yosihiro Kamegai ( 24-1-1, 21 KOs ) at the Stub Hub Center, a place where some of boxing’s most exciting fights have taken place. Guerrero is coming a little more than a year layoff. The Ghost was last seen on May 4th, 2013 when he took on pound for pound kingpin Floyd Mayweather and lost a unanimous decision.

    Since then, Guerrero has not had a fight and even tried to break his promotional contract with Golden Boy Promotions. Some even speculated Guerrero was doing so, to throw his name in the drawings of another world great, Manny Pacquiao. The break was unsuccessful, as Golden Boy CEO, Richard Schaefer, who since then has resigned from the company, stated they had worked things out with The Ghost and his manager. Now Guerrero is back and could be in a potential war with Kamegai, as The Stub Hub is famous for producing such fights.

    Earlier today Golden Boy held a conference call to promote the bout Saturday night.

    Oscar De La Hoya is introduced and comes on call expressing how happy he is to be promoting the card,

    “I’m very happy to be on this call with 2 exciting fighters in Robert Guerrero and Yoshihiro “

    “Robert is motivated to be back and excited to showcase his skills again “

    On Robert’s opponent, Oscar said,

    “Kamegai is a tough kid, known for a big puncher and come forward fighter “

    “I’m thrilled to be showcasing this tremendous card which will feature Devon Alexander against Jesus Soto Karass in a 10 round fight, also Vasyl Lomachenko vs., Gary Russel Jr. in a 12 round fight for the WBO Featherweight title (126lbs) and the main event everyone is excited about, Robert Guerrero and Yoshihiro Kamegai in a 12 round main event.

    The opponent Kamegai is then brought onto the call, thanking Showtime boxing and Golden Boy for giving him the opportunity,

    “I am very pleased to be back and to be promoted in California again. I want to thank Golden Boy and Showtime as well as Teiken Promotions.”

    “I’m very excited to be back, since I got here my conditioning has improved, I’ve done some sparring and camp feels very good.”

    Kamegai fought once before at the Stub Hub Center in which he lost a 10 round unanimous decision against Johan Perez, this will be his returning fight to the venue.

    The Ghost is then introduced by De La Hoya as 1 of 4 boxers in history to jump a weight class and win a world title in their first fight there, Guerrero says,

    “I’m ready to be back! I want to thank everyone who put this together, Golden Boy Showtime, I’m excited “

    “I had a good rest, I kept in shape, and my conditioning is incredible”

    When asked about his layoff Guerrero had this to say,

    “I had 3 hard fights back to back, with Aydin, Berto and then Floyd. The camps so close together gets brutal, I needed time to recoup and get together. “

    As noted Guerrero did have legal issues with Golden Boy, when asked if that had anything to do with the layoff,

    “Some of it was part of the layoff but my management team took care of that, I’m just excited to be back, people talk about ring rust, there is always ring rust. I want to just get back in the ring and get back in the Mayweather picture since he has 3 fights left. “

    Oscar is then asked if Guerrero is still under contract with Golden Boy in which he says,

    “We are very pleased to be promoting Robert we hope to continue to work with him. “

    As far as still being under contract,

    “No comment “

    One of the concerns Robert has is simply being out for too long,

    “My biggest concern is being out that long. “

    “I’m in great shape and ready to go, I’m always game. The layoff makes me hungry; it makes me want to come back sooner.

    Robert says he misses being in the ring, it’s exciting for him to be coming back,

    “I want to stay in the ring all the time,, I have the urge to fight! “

    Guerrero states, coping with the loss to Floyd was not hard at all,

    “I have to learn from experience, I lost to the best fighter in the world. It lit a fire under me to become a much better fighter. “

    For this camp, Guerrero has partnered up with Cross fit, which has helped him get stronger and faster, his endurance in through the roof he claims.

    With the given fact he has been absent for 13 months, It’s asked whether fighting a guy like Kamegai is a good idea, being he is known for a come forward fighter,

    “Kamegai comes to fight, He doesn’t mess around and does what he needs to do to win.”

    “When you are constantly in camp, you develop bad habits, so with the layoff, it’s like starting fresh. “

    Kamegai goes on to say his memories at the Stub Hub, about how his team at the time didn’t speak the same language but his new one now does. He plans to fix any flaws he had from the last time he was there.


    “ Guerrero’s style is conducive to mind, anytime you get in the ring with a top level fighter like Guerrero you have to come well prepared. “

    “I’m looking at it as a challenge, I’ve seen Robert return from a long layoff before and he looked great,, so I trained for the best Robert Guerrero. “

    Kamegai says he’s been training to slip Guerrero’s jab, do he does not get hit with it, He will try to keep distant as part of the game plan.

    Guerrero also says he will stick to his game plan,

    “I plan to go out and stick to the game plan, if he boxes we can box, if he wants to slug, then I’m always game to slug. Kamegai is a come forward guy, you have to respect him, he won’t fight dirty for a easy way out. He comes in there to put a guy out. “

    Guerrero goes on to say he got into cross fit because a friend who runs it recommended it, he has since loved it,

    “I tried it out and it blew my mind! All the stuff I can be doing to better my game, I’m excited.”

    “Power and speed is God given, I’m buildings things around it to be better, certain muscles, you’re working on it to build the whole package, everything just adds up. “

    As the call comes to a close it’s noted that open media work outs will be at West Side boxing gym.

    The Showtime triple header is on Saturday, June 21st, from the Stub Hub Center in Carson California, at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT live from Showtime.