Canelo Feels His Youth and Size Was The Reason Mayweather Wanted a Catchweight


Floyd Mayweather is the biggest name in the sport of boxing. On the night of September 14th the eyes of the sports world will be zoned in on the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada when Mayweather takes on Saul ‘Canelo” Alvarez. Mayweather has said it himself; fighting on a big stage and fighting Floyd Mayweather are two different levels. Alvarez is quite possibly Mexico’s biggest boxing star at the moment and is on the fast track of being the new Golden Boy of boxing. Alvarez is coming off a victory against Austin Trout where he packed the Alamo Dome with 40,000 fans. Is that different than what Mayweather is talking about? On Monday, Canelo got his first taste of the New York cameras, where media big and small got in a few questions with the 154 lb champion. The process took a few hrs and even delayed the scheduled start of the press conference.

Is this event something bigger than Canelo expected? “I’m prepared for this moment and more. I’m ready physically and mentally for this event and fight. I’ve been ready for this a long time,” Canelo told

The fight itself is for Canelo’s WBC and Ring Magazine 154 lb titles as well as Mayweather’s WBA ‘Super’ 154 lb title even though the fight is going to be contested at a catch weight of 152 lbs. Much has been side about the weight and why they are fighting at 152. Much has also has been said who requested the catch weight. Canelo made it clear that he wanted the fight at 154 lbs but was ok with the catch weight in order to make the fight

I don’t know. I don’t know why he (Mayweather) did it. We have the fight and that’s what is important. I’m fine with the weight.’

Mayweather has come under criticism because of the shots his camp took at Manny Pacquiao using catch weights to drain opponents. Add into the equations that he fought Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto at the limit of 154 lbs. To most, De La Hoya and Cotto weren’t in their prime when Mayweather fought them and that’s why they feel he didn’t request a catch weight. Canelo on the other hand is getting into his prime and is naturally the bigger man. Many feel that’s why the catch weight was implemented. Canelo agrees.

“I think so, I’m a lot younger than them (Cotto and De La Hoya) and I am the biggest fighter he has fought and I think that will be the most important factor in the fight. I will be a lot stronger than him in there,” stated Alvarez.

During the fight with Trout in April, Canelo seemed to fight in spots and much was questioned about the stamina of the young fighter. Canelo attributed it to not fighting as much as he did in past years and feels he will learn from it “I knew I was winning the fight but yeah I was a little tired, it was about 9 months since I fought . I was trying to save my energy. It affected me and I learned from it and it was a great experience,”

If Canelo wins, it may go down as the biggest win in Mexican boxing history. The question was posed t Canelo at such a young stage in his career, what could he accomplish that would be greater. His response, “We have to win first and everything else will resolve itself.”