Canelo-Saunders Announced For May 8th on DAZN


The smoke has settled and Canelo has emerged victorious as 99% of boxing fans expected. Was it a spectacular performance? It was for what it was if that makes any sense. 

Anvi Yildrim collected a nice paycheck and did almost nothing in the ring. He landed maybe two or three shots but his hardest shot was when he hit the canvas. Sad to say Canelo’s walk to the ring and the fight was about the same amount of time.

This fight was more of a build-up though. A build-up for what most of us expected and that’s the announcement of a title unification bout with Billy Joe Saunders. 

Saunders won the WBO Middleweight Title in 2015 by beating Andy Lee and held that title until 2017. He went on to win the WBO Super Middleweight Title in 2019 and has since defended that title twice since with his last fight being against Martin Murray in December of last year.

When Saunders is legit preparing for a fight we can expect an entertaining fight. He has plenty of time to train for Canelo (so there should be no bitching from Canelo haters)  and winning those titles while collecting a big paycheck should be motivation enough.

For Canelo, this will be one of those fights people will talk about for years to come to as many view Saunders as a legitimate threat to the pound for pound king.

The fight between the two is scheduled to take place on May 8th on DAZN, without q doubt it will be on Pay Per View. Get your popcorn ready!