Carl Frampton on Josh Warrington: Punishment like that not good for anyone


Josh Warrington suffered the first loss of his pro career in devastating fashion despite being the huge favorite.

Warrington controlled the first three rounds of the fight but everything changed in the fourth when he got rocked, dropped, and almost finished off. Going into the fifth round you could tell he was not fully recovered. 

Warrington continued to take a beating for a few more rounds before being rocked, dropped and this time stopped and he went down hard.

Should it have been stopped after the fourth round though? Fighters prefer to go out on their shield but we should have learned from past tragedies that despite what the fans want the safety of the combatants comes first.

Former opponent and world champion Carl Frampton feels the fight should not have gone past the fourth round and aside from Lara’s power complacency was a factor in Warrington’s loss. “I dont want to do a disservice to Lara, clearly very heavy-handed. But the only reason I can see Warrington losing that is through complacency,” stated Frampton via Twitter. “Should have been stopped in the 4th. Punishment like that not good for anyone.”