Carlos Molina Eyes Welterweight Division, Thurman, Garcia, Spence Jr.

carlos_molinaFormer IBF junior middleweight champion “King” Carlos Molina returned on Saturday night in his second fight since losing his title to Cornelius Brundage back in 2014. Molina stopped Jose Agustín Feria in the eighth round, dropping him twice in the process.
Molina is back on track to being lined up for bigger opportunities but he’s not looking for those opportunities at 154 pounds but would take it should an opportunity arise. Instead, Molina is focused on the welterweight division and wants to fight all of the big names. His main goal, the WBC welterweight title.
“I’ve always wanted [to fight] the toughest guys out there ever since I started boxing. I always call out the guys in the top ten. I’ve always wanted the best,” Molina told Tha Boxing Voice. “Right now I got my sights on 147. I got my sights on the welterweight division. That’s one thing I don’t like about boxing is sometimes it’s soft. I want Keith Thurman. I want the winner of Danny Garcia – Robert Guerrero. I want that green belt. I want either one of those guys. Shawn Porter, Amir Khan, Kell Brook, all those guys. 147, that’s what I want.”
The last time Molina fought at 147 pounds was back in 2009. Since then he has campaigned at 154 pounds but not by choice. The only fights that were being offered to him were at 154 but he wants to break away from 154 and feels that he would do even better at 147.
“The reason why I was fighting at 154 was because I got stuck there. They called me to fight Danny Perez six or seven years ago and they offered me the fight for the NABO  title so I took it because I was already at 154 and I kinda got stuck there because that’s all they offered me was fights at 154. I was originally at 147 all that time but I stuck to [154] because that’s where the fights were at. Now I feel like I want to move down to 147, to my weight class but if a fight is offered to me at 154 I’m not going to pass on it. We’ll see what happens. That’s  [one of the reasons my fight] was at 150 so that I can be in between both weights. I feel I will be even more of a beast at 147 than at 154.”
Should Molina make the move to welterweight the odds of landing one of the top guys right away seems far from likely.  Molina is used to working hard and despite the bad luck he has had in fights he has reached the top and he knows he will have to work hard to try and reach the top of the welterweight division  but one a victory over one fighter can help get his name thrown in there to fight the top welterweight.  That fighter,  Errol Spence Jr.
“I’ve been thinking about [what fight at 147 would out me in for a big title fight]. It would have to be somebody that everyone is calling the next champ, that’s undefeated.  Who’s that? Errol Spence. Even though I’ve around a lot longer, going against someone that’s undefeated,  bring out in the same spot that I’ve always been,  climbing my way up but that’s what it takes to show everybody where I’m at then that’s what I want.”