Carlos Molina’s First Event As A Promoter A Success, Next Event Possible For December


    Julio Garcia

    It can be hectic for a fighter to prepare for a fight. It’s not always calm behind the curtain as one prepares to step foot in the ring. The only thing you have to worry about is going out there and doing your best and hoping that you end up on top. Add being a promoter to that, your stress levels can go through the roof. Carlos Molina held his first event as a promoter in Patzcuaro, Michoacan a couple weeks ago and the event went smoothly for him. It wasn’t as much stress as one would expect and it turned out to be a successful one for him. It wasn’t televised and was a smaller event but it was a good start and things are looking to get bigger the second time around.

    “[We had] about 1,100 people [in attendance] for my first show. I think was good,” Molina told Tha Boxing Voice. “The town was happy. They want me to throw another show in December.” “[There was] no broadcast for this one but, we want to put it on a state channel next show. Get more exposure.”

    As to whether he will fight in December, that’s totally in the air but he’s willing to do so if he’s able to. It’s a very busy process to train for a fight and promote one at the same time.

    “If I can fight ill do it. Like for December, I’ll be ready again unless a big fight pops up for me.” “The hardest part is to fight and promote the same night. Before all I had to do was fight now I’m thinking about the show being run good but once I got to the venue we just went through things to make sure they were good then go in the back and focused on fight.”

    With the first event out of the way, Molina knows what to do and what not to do the second time around. There’s always changes that can be made to make things better and it was a learning experience for him.

    “There’s a few changes in everything we did for the show. Its learn as you go and after the first show you notice the little details to make the show better and to run smoother.”

    One of the things Molina is looking to do is help bring up talent from the state of Michoacan. Different parts of Mexico get highly recognized for the fighters they produce by Michoacan doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. the southern Mexican state has produced world champions and great fighters whether they were actually born in the state or have the roots from there such as Mikey Garcia, Robert Garcia, Fernando Vargas, Leo Santa Cruz, Joel, and Julio Diaz.

    “There’s talent here for more boxers to come up, but they don’t have the chance to.”

    Molina seems to be on the right path and things should go well as long as he is able to provide entertaining fights for the fans.

    Julio Garcia