Carlos Sucre Suspended, Trilogy ordered for Gonzalez-Estrada, California likely


Saturday’s fight between Roman Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada was an amazing fight. A fight that pleased fans and also left a sour taste in their mouth from the horrible judging. If we are being honest though, most of the fights on the card had questionable judging. 

Venezuelan judge Carlos Sucre had the most outlandish card of the three judges with a score of 117-111 in favor of Estrada. This card left fans scratching their head and added fuel to the fire in the controversy of who really won (Gonzalez won that fight despite the outcome). Sucre has since been suspended by the WBA (he should actually be fired) and a third fight between the two has been ordered.

When the third fight happens do not expect Texas to be in the running to host it as Eddie Hearn hopes for the fight to happen in California.