Chavez is the ultimate embarrassment to boxing


Julio Cesar Chavez JrFormer middleweight titlist Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. may have defeated Marcos Reyes on Saturday evening, but he certainly didn’t gain many fans.

Chavez scored a unanimous decision victory in front of 9,245 fans at the Don Haskins Center.

A fight that was originally scheduled at the super-middleweight limit of 168 lbs., it became clear that Chavez was not going to be able to make the weight. As a result, the Chavez camp pushed for a 170 lb. catch-weight, which was approved after Chavez agreed to pay Reyes a penalty fee.

To add even further embarrassment to the situation, Chavez failed to make the catch-weight as well, weighing-in on Friday at 170 lbs., and then refusing to reveal his post-rehydration weight to Showtime.

Going into Saturday’s fight, Chavez could have easily been a Cruiserweight.

Heck, it doesn’t even stop there. His performance on Saturday was somnolent and anaemic. Despite out-weighing his adversary by 25-30 lbs. easily, Reyes out-worked and out-punched Chavez.

While some say Chavez deserved the decision, a majority of those people also agree that Chavez looked like crap.

In Round 9, Reyes nailed Chavez with an accidental head-butt, and referee Jose Guadalupe Garcia deducted a point the moment Chavez threw a fit. This is professional boxing?

Like in the Fonfara fight, the post-fight interview opened up with excuses, blaming a hand injury.

“The guy is a good fighter,” Chavez Jr. said. “I hurt my hand. Is it broken? Maybe. I’ll see the doctor. I hurt him to the body, but I didn’t finish him.

“I felt good in there. I felt strong. Without the injury to my hand, I would have knocked him out.”

I’m a cordial guy most of the time, but this guy receives preferential treatment for being the son of a legend. If you can’t see this by now, I don’t know what to tell you.

Prior to the fight, the Mexican stated that with a victory, he would fight in two more bouts.

He could retire now to stop the bleeding.