Chavez Jr. contemplating retirement


Julio Cesar Chavez JrThe son of a legend looks to rebound after his knockout loss to Andrzej Fonfora. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr, now under the tutelage of Robert Garcia and in the super-middleweight division, looks to make a run at 168.

“I took on a challenge that was tough. I fought somebody who was 175 pounds,” Chavez said on a media conference call. “I fought somebody after 13 months being inactive. There were a lot of things going on in my career, including the legal problems that I was going through at the same that I was trying to get ready for a fight. It was a tough challenge. Even though it was a defeat for me, I feel like I was a better fighter than him. But he was more prepared. I think that those were the factors. I plan to win this next fight.”

Chavez will face Marcos Reyes, who isn’t exactly a super-middleweight from El Paso Texas on Showtime this Saturday night. But, Chavez feels 168 is where he should be, and he expects a fight from Reyes.

“I think 168 is a good weight class for me,” said Chavez, “Going into my last fight, I had an extended period of time off and I didn’t know how my body would respond. I feel more comfortable in the ring, and I feel like I have the right tools to win this fight on Saturday. Each fight you must prove something. You need to win and put on a good show. I think the fans will see a great fight on Saturday between two Mexican fighters. When I fight, I try to do my best in the ring.”

The big change will be Robert Garcia and for Chavez this is his third trainer in as many fights. But, he feels he has the right chemistry with Garcia.

“Training with Robert Garcia has been great. I have a great connection with him because he knows how fighters are feeling in the ring,” explained Chavez. “I am working more on my jab; I have changed a little bit of my style under Robert Garcia.”

Chavez says he has two more fights after this bout should he win. Should he lose, he will contemplate retirement.

“I’m not planning on losing. I’m planning on winning. When I fight at my weight, I can beat anybody,” Chavez said. “There’s nobody in boxing who can beat me when I fight at my weight. I feel right now that I’m at the best. I feel this is the best part of my career. And on [Saturday] I’m going to win. If I lost this fight, then it would make me think about retiring because this is not the type of rival that should beat me. The [other] type of rivals that I fought are much better and tougher than this rival.”